Is it better to over-prepare or under-prepare in life ?

Asked by: ZiHui1997
  • What is over-prepare?

    When I think of the concept of "over-preparation" vs. "under-preparation", I think of life-long learning vs. Doing less than the bare minimum.

    So far that I've noticed, over-preparation can lead to frustrated interview results of "you're over-qualified" which is another way of saying that you're not likely to submit yourself to being someone else's eternal servant. In time, these individuals are faced with more opportunity if they can get their foot in the door.

    Conversely, people who don't prepare much at all are faced with more low-level opportunities and table scraps, but unless they are taller and more handsome/beautiful than everyone else or have rich parents, they never go any further in life.

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holyzinc says2014-09-16T04:55:30.260
I think these two are like yin and yang which means a balance is needed. We do more in areas of interest and what we are more talented to really strive in a society because we aren't naturally all-rounded but angular. It would be inefficient to "over-prepare" on areas we don't like or not talented. But at the same time we can't neglect other skills which are needed for the one or several skills that you "over-prepare" to truly shine and these are considered to be "under-prepared". In addition, we have limited resources for "preparing" in our lives thus my above opinion.