• Old school books

    Yes, E-Books are a great invention. The regular books waste a lot of paper, but E-Books need to be charged once in a while as well. Most people think that when they read a lot of books, they make profit when they buy a E-Book. But I don't think that is true because the E-Books need to be charged, that costs money and it's bad for the environment. When everybody uses an E-Book, the libraries go bankrupt and a lot of people lose their jobs.

    And when you use a E-Book, don't you miss the feeling of flipping over the page of the book?

  • Actually no. Paper books are better.

    This is because firstly, many e-books require internet access to download, so people in rural areas may not be able to get any. Paper books on the other hand are more accessible. Next, e-readers are hard to dispose of. Paper books can just be thrown away, but e-readers often contain electrical components harmful to the environment. Paper just decomposes. Books are also less fragile and more reliable. They never run out of batteries, and they are also durable. Drop a kindle or an i pad and it may need repairs. In addition, paper textbooks are easy to annotate on. You can immediately write notes and highlight. I know, e books can be highlighted, but can you draw up flowcharts and Venn diagrams? Can you draw sketches and other visuals. Not as much. Finally, books make much better gifts. Most will agree that handing someone a photo album, or a cookbook in person is a lot better than just hitting the "send" button and forgetting about them. So, because books are more accessible, environmental friendly, better surfaces to write on, and are much better gifts, they are superior to e-books. However, one benefit of e-books are the reduced probability of paper-cuts! :) Hope that helped.

  • No, it's better to read paper books

    If you are like most people in the 21st century, you spend hours each day looking at electronic screens. The health effects of this haven't properly been examined, but it is definitely known to cause eye irritation. For this reason alone, reading paper books is a much better idea. Additionally, going out of your normal zone to read physical paper will enhance learning, so the reader doesn't coast on autopilot.

  • Paper books go anywhere.

    It is better to read paper books than E-books because E-Books give me a headache. E-books are convenient, but the books can go anywhere. They can sit with you on a beach. You don't have to turn them off when you have to turn off your electronic devices. Paper books are better to read, more convenient, and they last forever.

  • No, I prefer reading real books.

    As someone with both an e-reader and standard books, I much prefer reading standard print books. People have found bookworms actually like the feel of a book, even the smell of paper. You can't really replicate that with an e-reader. However, there are positives to e-books, such as that they can be less expensive. There are a lot of titles legally in public domain, so you can even get books for free. It likely has less of an impact on the environment, too. So there are positives to both, but I would always pick a real print book over an e-reader version, if not for price.

  • the paper books

    I think that it would be a whole lot better if we still just read paper books all of the time. I think that there is a lot different from looking at a screen for a long time and looking at a paper book. It is a lot more natural to have a book.

  • No, it's better to read paper books.

    I think that while E-Books are great, I think that it is still better to read paper books. I think looking at a computer screen for a while can be tiring to the eyes. That is why I prefer reading traditional paper books. I also like having the book itself.

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fazz says2014-02-19T00:39:10.537
Both. E-books are cheap. Dirt cheap. But rare books can't be in electronic format. So both.

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