• Smart work is easy and lasts for long

    Is it better to mug the formula and pratice questions or to understand the concept and proof for the formula which says the way to do.Smart work and time management will lead to 100 % sucess.But u should have a stress free mind for working smart.Thank you.Smartwork time management sucess

  • Hard worker has the true passion towards his goal

    I really support hardworking people.One who is working smart could find a smarter way at the present.But he fails in the long run.Its the hard work that pays off.It may take longer time but always its more consistent.They will always have a strong goals to make their life succeed.Their goals are always achieved by themselves.They don't need the help of others.

  • Hard work is better.

    I think hard work is more important than the smart work. We can not apply smart work in all problems. Working smart sometimes break the guidelines.Hard work is the key for success.If we will work hard, then only we get the confidence to work smartly. To become a successful man hard work is more important than the smart work.

  • Hard work really counts

    We have heard about the famous quote hard work is the key to success!! Until nd unless one dedicate himself fully.. Success is not achieve!! It is the hard work which ultimetely build a foundation to smart work.. One can't deny the fact!! Freedom also a reward of constant hard work..

  • Follow directions if you like your job.

    You will always hear how employers praise those that work hard. In many cases, work is by the book and working hard by the book will please your employer (and i personally would like to please my employer). In many instances of "working smart" you will break away from the guide lines and this will greatly increase your chance for failure. There are some jobs (such as military or police occupations) that require the person to adapt and work smart to to do the job right. However, hard work is required to be enabled to react to situations in these jobs. Ultimately, hard work will provide the best results in any work space.

  • Where I work,

    Management thinks they know exactly what you do and how you should do it. If you work hard doing it their way, you keep your job and get good reviews, but if you think smart you may be doing things a way they don't agree with. Even though you may get more done, you could still be fired for not following proper procedure.

  • Hard work is not necessarily physical.

    The will to achieve based upon a desire is the concept of hard work. Although stress can build, working without a will is useless. A blue-collar worker could become a millionaire just by keeping his/her will to work. The smart worker would require more workers with himself/herself in order to achieve. The hard worker, on the other hand, would only need himself/herself in order to achieve.

  • Better work smart!!!

    It is quite essential that you work hard in a smart way. If you know the correct time to strike, 9 times out of 10 you will get a bull's eye. Otherwise, working hard with more time in hand will inevitably result in your downfall causing lethargy and exhaust you.

  • It's a False Dichotomy

    There is no reason to think that either working hard or smart are mutually exclusive or that one is always more desirable over the other. All that matters in a job is whether or not you can get a job done in the most cost effective and ethical way, whether you work hard, smart, or both to achieve that is up to you.

  • Hard work sucks

    Blood, sweat, and tears don't solve all problems. Real thinkers are the ones who succeed most, or do it with less stress. Why do you think that so many people can sit on their butts and make millions? Its because they worked smarter than their much harder working peers. Working smart is just a way to save work, thus making you more productive, thus making innovations in society.

  • Working smart maximizes value of your work time

    Your constant ability to choose most valuable task to complete, and to complete it in an efficient and effective manner, is far more important than simply working hard blindly, either following what your boss wants or what you feel like doing it. Nevertheless, successful people works both hard and smart.

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