• Way to Fix

    People won't be able to live there lives when fat the only way to fix this is to punish the adults. The Adults won't feed the kid junk food after they have been punished which will help the whole countries. Animals are obese so are humans they deserved to be punished too. Don't let them eat the chicken

  • Yes, letting a child reach the obese point should be consider child abuse.

    Yes, I feel that it should be considered child abuse if a child has become medically obese baring any other medical conditions that contribute to weight. When it comes to a child's eating and health habits, parents are the number one cause. A child should not govern and in most cases does not govern what they eat. They eat what the parents feed them. So, if the food choices are unhealthy, it can show and lead the child into bad habits and health issues later on in life. Since an obese child is unhealthy and can suffer some of the same medical issues that an adult can because of being obese, the blame should be placed on the source which is the parents. Since these actions are intentional and could easily have been prevented, it should be considered child abuse.

  • No, a child may be overwiehgt for many reasons

    Child abuse is horrible, and child abusers should be punished
    severely. However, it dilutes the measures mustered against child abusers to
    make all imperfect parenting a target for the law. People who are not members
    of the family do not know why a child is fat. He or she may have a disorder
    that prevents exercise, for example. Or the child’s family may have problems, without
    being abusive. Overweight children and their families should be helped, not

  • Child abuse if the child is past the point of being obese?

    I disagree that this should be considered child abuse the reason being is you can't prove that a parent is making their child eat to the point of being past obese. You have to understand that children don't listen and will sneak food and lie. If a parent is making an effort cooking appropriate meals and engaging their children in physical activities who are we to say that its child abuse. Even if the parent is not providing the proper nutrition it is the child who consumes the food and if the parent only is allowing so much food then you can't say its child abuse. To me child abuse is hitting you children.

  • Calling It Child Abuse Doesn't Help The Problem

    I do not believe there is any reason to label parents as child abusers if their children are medically obese. The problem I have with this, is the fact that it does nothing to solve the problem. Secondly, some cases of obesity are brought on by medical conditions, so you can't group everyone as a child abuser based on this one fact.

  • Not necessarily the parents

    It would be incredibly hard to prove that a parent's negligence led to a child's obesity, even if there are such cases in the US. The problem with obesity is systemic within the society of the US, looking towards parents not playing with kids enough, or feeding them properly, is a small thing.

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