Is it colossally stupid to raid stores in protest for something stores had nothing to do with

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • You see this in riots all the time

    When the police do something wrong or something else is done wrong people take to the streets and punish store owners for something they had nothing to do with.

    Why? How is that going to solve anything?

    Violence is the wrong way to go about addressing public concerns in the first place, but you'd think they'd at least know better than to dilute their message going after innocent targets like shop owners.

    I think a lot of the time people who participate in looting don't really care about the issue that starts the riot, they just take advantage of the situation because they want a new big screen tv.

  • No. It isn't colossally stupid.

    It's achingly, almighty, archly, awfully, blisteringly, damn, damned, dang, deadly, desperately, eminently, enormously, especially, exceedingly, extremely, fabulously, fantastically, fiercely, filthily, frightfully, fully, greatly, heavily, highly, hugely, immensely, incredibly, intensely, majorly, mightily, monstrously, mortally, rattlingly, really, roaringly, seriously, severely, sorely, spankingly, specially, stinkingly, supremely, surpassingly, terribly, uncommonly, vastly, vitally, wickedly, wildly stupid.

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