Is it common for men to put their wives/girlfriends over their knee and spank them?

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • Yes, But we don't talk about it

    We really don't know because neither the wives nor the husbands who spank them talk about it. I spank my wife when she behaves in a way that is harmful to her or to our marriage. She hates being spanked, But loves having a husband who is in charge and willing to correct her when necessary. Because there is such a stigma against wife spanking, Neither of us discuss it and nobody would suspect.

  • Not as common.

    It's apparent here that people are answering a question that was never asked. The subject here isn't "Is spanking acceptable or not? ", It's "Is spanking common? "
    So I'll actually answer the question, It used to be, But it's much less common nowadays, Assuming you remove "erotic spanking" from the equation.

  • Outdated and largely forgotten.

    Men do not spank their women for disciplinary reasons anymore and for good reason. A man should respect his wife/girlfriend because she is an adult and not a child. If your partner has done something you don't like, You talk to them about it and discuss it like adults. If a couple likes spanking for kinky reasons, Than that's okay. I think that's weird and crude but you do you.

  • That's just plain wrong

    What a perfect example of the subordination of women. As a youth rights advocate i am opposed to spanking of children of course i am opposed to this disgusting display of patriarchy men and women are equal discipline just exist to control and subordinate anyway. This is why i have the unpopular opinion of opposing marriage.

  • Its a no

    It is because why trying to put women down, I mean they already below you yet they still need to knee and get spanked? This is ridiculous. Men trying to use power in the wrong way. What is spanking with intention means, Abuse? If they try to do that, They're trying to abuse the woman.

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