Is it considered harassment to ask a girl her phone number in 2019?

Asked by: ggez52
  • It is outright sexism, And we are more civilized than this

    Asking a girl for her number is creepy and unethical, It should be the girl who decides to ask a man for a number because this culture of men going up to girls and demanding her number fuels toxic masculinity, Leading straight to rape. I'm not saying we should throw men in jail for that, However at least a small fine should be paid to change this culture of rape.

  • It depends if you are handsome/rich or not

    In my opinion, They consider it harassment if they don't have interest in you/doesn't like you. But it's fine if they like you. So it depends on their perception of you. If you gotta ask a girl their phone number, Make sure you look good/are rich. Otherwise, Stay safe kid.

  • ABSOLUTELY. Asking a girl for her number is SEXUAL HARASSMENT, If not outright assault.

    How would you feel if a woman came up to you when you just getting a coffee and asked for your number? You would be uncomfortable, Confused, And annoyed. Now imagine a man - a person of a gender that is known for reprehensible acts like rape and murder - asking you for your number. You would fear for your life.

    Men should not be allowed to ask women for their cellphone numbers because that is a direct threat to their feminine being. Masculinity only exists to subvert and assault femininity, And the act of sex itself - where a man forcefully penetrates/stabs a woman - is an example of how barbaric they are. We should have evolved past this point with concepts such as artificial insemination for breeding.

    It is very important that we, As a society, Address phone number seekers for what they are - cat-callers who are seeking personal information to abuse their target. Toxic masculinity is abhorrent in it's desire to seek out and abuse a target, And the act of getting a phone number is the first step toward courtship, In which a woman will be violently abused on a bed, Usually regretting it afterward.

    If you've read this far, I hope you realize this entire argument is complete Poe's Law bullshit, And only a total f***ing moron would believe any of what I wrote. If you thought I was serious and were actually dumb enough to agree with it, May God have mercy on your soul. I rest my case.

  • Asking for a number is harassment

    Walking up to women while they're trying to enjoy their evening in order to make things awkward and making hem feel intimidated is and always will be considered harassment.

    Men leverage their power of the patriarchy in order to intimidate women into having a relationship or talking with them with the hinted threat of violence

  • How is it

    How the f**k is asking for a phone number harrassment? All she has to do is say no and that's the end of it. It's not our fault these bitches are scared if they say no that the dude will flip out on them. As long as they reject with respect then she has nothing to worry about. I swear a man can't even breathe near a bitch without her thinking she's being sexually assaulted. Feminism has screwed this world up

  • No, Assuming you're being civil

    No. Asking for a girl's number definently isn't, Assuming you are polite and aren't creepy (e. G. , "Hey sexy, Can I have your number? " Is a big no no. ) But, If she says no, Don't keep going. Drop it- she isn't interested. Now, If you keep goading her for it even after she refuses? It comes to a point where it is harassment. Same goes for girls asking guys.

  • Double standards? Nice. . .

    Let me ask you a question. Can a woman ask a man for their number? Now let me ask you another question. Can a man ask a woman for her number? The people who voted yes on this poll probably said yes to the first and no to the second. People constantly protest for gender equality but promote these double standards that favor women. I believe that if one gender is allowed to do something, So can the other.

  • For the most part, No.

    If you ask for it politely, And back down if she refuses, It'll be nothing but a friendly interaction. However, If she refuses and you keep pushing for her to give you her number, Or you follow her, Or you catcall her, Or anything of the sort, That would be harassment. This, However, Is not what the motion is referring to, So no, Asking someone for their number wouldn't be harassment.

  • In most cases, It isn't.

    It somewhat depends on the situation. For example, If a man just walked up to a pretty lady and asked for her phone number with no logical reason, That would probably be harassment. That being said, If a man is friends or a co-worker of a lady, Simply asking for their number isn't really an issue.

  • You are not harassing anybody

    Girls think everything is harassment nowadays but its not. Demanding it however, Is harrasment. You are requesting Something by force that the person declines. You can't just demand Something from someone and expect yes. That is harassment. So yes and no. But mostly no. This is not a feminist writing this. This is a male dammit

  • As long as you ask politely

    This depends, On how it is done if you have god manners and are not too aggressive, You have to respect the rights of other people by they girls or boys, Even girls have rights, And men must be gentlemen at all times, Or face an eternity in hell with hemeroids

  • No, It isn't, Here's why

    If a man is interested in a women, Be it because of her looks, How she behaves (She just better stay in that kitchen, 'cause girl if you don't, Imma RKO you through the table) how exactly is he gonna know if she's interested or not unless he actually goes up to her and asks?

  • Just once, No.

    Harassment: the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group,
    If you honestly don't know what her answer would be, It would not be considered harassment to ask her the first time. If you have asked before and were told "no", Then you would know that further pursuit would just irritate the girl. Some girls may not understand that harassment is only the continued or knowingly unwanted attention so may falsely accuse some males.

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