Is it constitutional for gays to sue over a Christian not baking them a wedding cake at their wedding?

Asked by: Rightwing15
  • Remove double standards

    If this question had the word "blacks" in it there would be an outcry of injustice. If it were "Asians" our population would be up in arms. If it were "Christians" being discriminated against we'd have protests in the streets around the country.

    But because it's just gays and lesbians, we can refuse them services.

    The point is, we have a double standard... We say that we're all equal, but some are more equal than others. Racism and sexism are discouraged among our society. So why isn't homophobia?

    Besides, you know what? I'm not Christian. I don't support two Christians marrying each other. If I were to refuse to offer them services, ones I am selling and advertise, ones I give to everyone BUT Christians... Well, what would you say? I can almost guarantee there'd be cries of "discrimination" and "injustice". Where are those cries now?

  • Of course it is constitutional.

    It is discrimination at it's finest. There was obviously no [good] reason for them not to bake the wedding cake. It is VERY clear that they were basing whether or not to make the cake on sexual orientation of the customers. That is just wrong. And this is coming from a religious person.

  • Its just a cake

    Really? You think you will burn in hell because you baked a cake for a gay wedding? You are a business not a church, im sure plenty of things you have done would have led to "sin" you just don't know it, what if a man decided he wanted a cake all for himself? Would you bake it for him even though it would definitely lead to him violating that pesky gluttony commandment you keep overlooking?

  • Of course it is.

    I'm actually supremely shocked that this is even a question. You can constitutionally sue anyone for anything. The constitution says nothing about not being able to file a lawsuit. Whether or not the lawsuit will go to trial or if the lawsuit can be won is a completely different story. I guess this question says something about how informed Americans really are about our beloved Constitution.

  • It's discrimination and it's completely wrong.

    Denying someone service on the grounds of race, colour, nationality or SEXUALITY is discrimination. In Europe, we have the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and we also have the European Union (EU) which makes laws for the European Economic Area (EEA). Both of these bodies make it ILLEGAL to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation. If you were this Christian bakery you would be fined and - if you did it again - shut down. In fact, it is European Union law that all member states of the EU and EEA have anti-discrimination laws in place to protect LGBT Europeans.

    In the US, however, you leave it to the states to stop discrimination. Which is a stupid, stupid system. And it leads to stuff like this. It leads to good treatment of gays in some states and horrific treatment in other states. Whilst you're all battling it out over whether to stop just discrimination, over here we Europeans have already got same-sex marriage in most of Northern and Western Europe.

  • Yes it is.

    What a lot of people fail to understand is that your religious freedom is not being violated because to choose to justify discrimination by hiding behind your religious beliefs. Nobody is forcing you to agree or even take part in same sex marriage. You are simply being asked to do your jobs and if you decide to discriminate against someone, you deserve to be sued because of it. And we all know this is more about anti-gay bigotry than it is religious freedom. The same Christians crying about baking a cake for a gay wedding are the same ones who have no issue baking a cake for a non-Christian heterosexual wedding or a Jewish bar mitzvah. If this was about religion, Christians bakers would refuse to serve anyone who didn't share their beliefs but they choose to target gays because of bigotry.

  • Yes it is.

    If you own a business, you have to deal with the whole public. You can't discriminate against certain parts of the population. You get money in exchange for a service. That's it. It's completely constitutional for gays to sue bigoted jerks for not letting them pay for their particular service.

  • Only if it's connected to there sexuality

    If connected than yes. That's like saying whites only. Plus religious freedom. You can't say you won't give public service because whomever is braking a religious law in your opinion. You wouldn't have any business, the whole mixed fiber clothing thing, this day in age almost ever person brakes at least one of the 'rules' or 'religious laws'. Plus you aren't supposed to judge anyone for what or whom they do.

  • Grow up and be professional

    No matter what the beliefs of the company may be they should seriously grow up and be professional about it. If they don't support gay marriage then thats ok, thats their opinion, but refusing to serve them because of the way they live? That is unacceptable. I am all for the right to express their religion but I am also all for the equality of LGBT members. Also if this instance was taken but instead it was a black couple that was refused service there would be an uproar of cries of protest, what's the difference! Remove your double standards and get on with your job instead of being discriminatory.

  • It's frivolous, but yes.

    I don't think a gay couple should sue because of a Christian business not baking them a cake, but I don't think there's anything unconstitutional about them doing so.I have spent a lot of time studying the text and jurisprudence of the constitution and I haven't seen anything to suggest that such a suit is illegal. I guess you could maybe possibly say it violates separation of church and state, but that's a stretch, especially if you're a conservative who believes in an original meaning or intention interpretation of the bill of rights.

  • I am an American citizen. I cannot be forced to do anything.

    Gays think cause they are a contraversial topic. They intentionally harrass Christians and republicans any on top of that act like the victim. No they shouldn't be sued. It is my constitutional right to say no and no gay can take that from me. It is a given right. I can say what I want and I can say thy whenever I want. Nobody will ever take that from me

  • The Constitution supports freedom of religion

    Freedom of religion means that when a gay or lesbian requests that a baker of religious faith bake a cake for a so called wedding that is condemned in the baker's religion, the baker has every right to refuse based on religion.

    My question is why does the gay or lesbian who promised that their marriage won't affect those who want nothing to do with gay marriage, now want to drag us into their sin?

    They obviously lied!

  • It's not discrimination. It's our religious freedom.

    As a Catholic, I cannot think of one person who would refuse to bake pastries for customers who are homosexual. It's more about the purpose of the cake. We believe homosexual marriage is a sin, so we don't want to participate. We don't hate the sinner, we hate the sin. So no. It's not discrimination. It's not because they're gay. It's because it will go towards sin.

  • It's our freedom of religion. Not discrimination.

    It has nothing to do with their sexual orientation. We believe homosexual marriage is a sin. We don't want to take part in it. It's about the purpose, not the person. If it was for another non-sinful purpose, I can't think of anyone who calls themselves Christian that would turn them down.

  • You Can Be Your Own Person

    If a person, Christian or Catholic or whatever chooses not to make a cake for a gay person it's because they have freedoms and rights that they choose to make use of. The gays are always acting like victims when this happens, it's always the christian fault or they discriminate against me or whatever

  • People have the freedom of Religion.

    If you're a Christian or for that matter any religion and you don't believe gay marriage is right than you don't have to sell them a cake. At least the bakery gave the gay couple a different place they can go. That's what people who won't make a cake for gays do, suggest another bakery.

  • It is not discrimination. It is freedom of religion.

    Christian bakers do not refuse service to gays because they're gay. I have had many long talks with people on both sides of the argument and have come to a simple conclusion. It's about the purpose.

    If a gay couple came into a bakery and asked for pastries to celebrate the anniversary of their great aunt's marriage or something like that, I cannot think of a single person who would dare call themselves Christian to refuse. But if the pastries were for a homosexual wedding, it's a different story. As a Catholic, homosexuality conflicts with my religious beliefs. We believe homosexual marriage is a sin, so we don't want to participate; it is that simple. It's not discrimination, we just don't want to take part in something we think is wrong.

  • They can but they will lose and have to actually pay for wasting the court and the business' time

    Religion is known to exceed the decision in law in business if it involves violating the employee's religion (seriously read the laws). Heck if gays secretly bought a wedding cake from a Christian/Muslim baker and used it in their gay wedding that baker can sue the gay couple turning the tables. Yes it's best to just shut up about it and just take your business elsewhere instead of making a fuss about it. Clerks are already forced to give gay-marriage licenses to gay couples regardless of their religion by Obama's decision thankfully this does not cover businesses, they want to stamp all over the religion rights of other businesses. Did you gays know that 20 years ago gays only asked for "Civil Unions?" Of course now they want more don't they? Just wait they're going to start preaching about the love between man and man and bring their preaching to church on how gays should be given everything.

    Gays want to step all over the free rights of religion, the first amendment enough is enough.

  • Its not just about gays.

    Private companies have the right to turn away any customer they do not want to serve, be them gay, black, white, or just plain annoying. If gays don't want to form to Christian ways ,Im not saying they should, they should not be trying to make Christians form to theirs. If a company doesn't bake you a cake, move on and find someone who will.

  • Christians' beliefs are there shall not be gay relationships.

    If that person doesn't believe in gay marriage. Then that person does not have to do something involving it. It's there freedom of rights. Maybe they want nothing to do with gay marriage. Then therefore they don't have to be apart of it. That's just my opinion on the whole thing.

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Seido says2014-04-18T21:40:06.110
It definitely depends on the situation. If the Christian turned them down simply because they were gay, then yes. That would be discriminatory, a violation of the law, and therefore the couple could sue. If the Christian turned them down on an individual basis, say he didn't want to bake a cake that said "I love gays", or something else that was particular to their cake that they didn't want to do, them I don't think that the gay couple would have a legal leg to stand on.
Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-09-09T16:18:32.847
More Stupid, Crazy, Lying, Wasteful, Garbage.

There's no such thing as same-sex, or Queer, marriage.
Two members of the same sex can't marry.
Reality just doesn't work like that.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-03-20T20:07:33.583

I disagree. All privately owned businesses reserve the right to refuse service to whomever they wish. The only instance where consumers get a say is where they put their dollar.