Is it crazy that you need a license to drive a car but not to have a baby?

  • Anyone can have a baby which is sad.

    It takes no qualifications to have a baby. To bring a human being into this world and raise them and yet all you need to do is answer and few questions and take a few tests and you can drive around in a car. They're raising the age limit to get a license but doing nothing about trying to reduce the number a teenage pregnancies. It's a shame

  • It Seems Impractical, But...

    I absolutely understand that it would be ridiculous to have applications and reproduction licenses, but I think that a bad parent with an out of control child can cause just as much damage to society as an irresponsible driver . A person who drives drunk or just drives badly can mess up lives; a child that is uncontrollable, and lacks discipline will become a distraction in the class room, and has potential to turn into an actual menace to society. Still, I don't think that a reproductive license is a practical way to solve a bad parenting epidemic.

  • Because people are stupid

    I think that people should be required to have licenses to reproduce because many people are stupid and do not understand the repercussions of their actions. Too many children are underprivileged due to the fact that their parents had them in high school. I also believe that this would help the economy by creating new jobs to issue these licenses, and enforce these laws.

  • A license should not only be mandated but..

    A license should not only be mandated but, both parents should also have to attend parenting classes during the entire pregnancy and following through until the child is at least 5yrs old. Failing to obtain a license and then getting pregnant should result in heavy fines. And finally, a license should not be cheap. $5,000-$10,000 dollar range should suffice. If you want a child bad enough, prove that you're not only fit enough to rear them but, financially stable as well.

  • Children are our future and they need to be raised the right way

    It is absolutely ridiculous how many irresponsible parents there are in today's society. The thought of a high school teenager raising a child is just Blasphemous. It is extremely hard to raise a child as a teenager because they most likely can not financially support the child and the teenager is most likely to be a student. Throughout high-school ive met many people that go through problems they have at home because of an alcoholic, bipolar, and violent parent. The kids are the nations future and it is important to raise the kids to the best of our abilities. This is just my opinion on what should happen but i can understand the legal issues of needing a licence to have a child.

  • I can see

    What you are saying here and, yeah, I can see where it would not be crazy on some points but I can't help but think that some good parents would fall through the cracks. For example, I got pregnant when I was 16. I had no job, no license, and obviously no money. Now under this reproducing license idea, I would have never been approved but I had my daughter, (not on the taxpayers' dollars) raised her, and she is now 23, married and has a 3 year old son and she is very successful in her career. So I do think that it is crazy in a lot of situations, that you need a license to drive but you don't even have to go through a screening process to have a child.

  • Yes, because many people do a terrible job of parenting.

    Many who are opposed state that "There is a right way to drive but no right way to parent." I think that is an absurd idea. Is it alright to be a drug user and give your 4 year old child his first blunt? If your poor is it okay to raise your child on the streets, stuck outside in a storm? The possible situations are endless. And hopefully the audience agrees that the above scenarios are bad ways for a child to be raised. So yes I do believe it is necessary for people to have a certain stability to have children.

  • Sure is, its nutz

    America gets dumber by the day with stupid people breeding like bunnies and intelligent people waiting and having very few children. Our society can't afford to continue the influx of morons into the populace. We don't have disease and famine anymore to thin the herd as has always been the case throughout history. There is no way to stop it. Dang human rights. On top of it all we then subsidize their education , food, and healthcare. Good Grief Charlie Brown. (no I am not referring to only minorities, I'm talking dumb people of all colors, shapes, and sizes. There are more white people on welfare and foodstamps than black people http://www.Yourblackworld.Net/2013/03/black-news/white-people-make-up-42-of-the-poor-but-take-in-whopping-69-of-government-benefits/).

  • There is no right way to raise a child. There is a right way to drive a car.

    Who are you to say that there is only one way to raise a child to gain a licence to do it?! No! Not at all! Licensing childbirth will be like confining everyone to be raised to be a mathematician when artists always had very harsh and unusual upbringings and that i why they are so amazing!

    Death to conformity! All hail anarchy! WOOOOOOOO

  • Maybe under some circumstances, but that's too invasive.

    I'm in no way obligated to acquire a license to bring life into this world. I consider that a natural right that shouldn't be infringed upon by the government. Under some circumstances, where overpopulation is potentially dangerous to sustaining human life, then maybe I would agree with obtaining a license before child conception. But ultimately, I don't need the government's permission to experience one of the most joyous experiences in life.

  • Having a baby is a personal decision.

    Having a baby is a personal decision that affects only yourself, your partner, and your child who you will either raise or put up for adoption. Driving a car on a public road puts others in danger, and uses public resources (the road) so it is justified for the government to issue licenses for driving, but not having a baby.

  • Having a child is not the same thing as driving a car.

    If there is a bad parent with an out of control child then Child Protective Services need to be involved instead of wasting resources checking if millions of people are fit for parenting and forcing them to have a license to get pregnant/to get their partner pregnant. And where are we going to put babies of unlicensed parents? Do we have all resources for that? Are we going to test every woman. Now that is crazy and intrusive.

  • Parenting is innate. Driving is not.

    Our species has evolved the ability to parent through millions of years of evolution. Humans have an innate ability to rear children, as it is an essential skill for the survival of a species. Some people are better at it than others, granted, but that is a matter of environmental conditioning and training. However, cars have only existed in the last ~150 years, and are hardly an inbuilt characteristic. This means that a person can be objectively judged on their ability to drive, with a reasonable degree of accuracy. It's quite hard to undergo a parenting test, as people only know their true parenting skills once they have had a child, and it's a little late to say that they can't have children then, isn't it. Also, an idea such as having a baby licence would be a tool for social engineering, such as making 'undesirables' unable to reproduce (See Action T4) and destroy groups of the population.

  • There is a right way to drive, but no right way to parent.

    There are many ways to parent, and just because we disagree with someone else's decisions doesn't mean we intervene to stop it. The only time we intervene is when parents are abusing and neglecting their child. If not, we have no right to intervene. And we will waste a lot of resources licensing parents. Plus, where are we going to get all the resources to place children of unlicensed parents in foster care?

  • What The Hell

    How can you possibly need a license to have a baby? It's ridiculous. What about people that will be good parents, but on the day of whatever stupid test they have to take they happen to miss a question, and as a result fail? That person can't go and have a child. BUT, the person that will turn out to be a totally awful parent just so happened to be having a good day and passed the test. How, on what planet in our solar system, would this be even remotely fair?

  • No license to have children

    I don't see why one needs to have a license in order to have a baby as opposed to driving, but I can see why one would propose such a thing. Becoming a parent is indeed a very serious life stage and not enough people give it the thought and planning it deserves. However, the state has no business enforcing such a thing on individuals, they have to ultimately have the free will to discover this on their own.

  • Variation in a species should not be controlled by only select members of the same species.

    All humans are born with the same rights as one another. Among these rights is the right to reproduce. It is a biological instinct and, for many people, a lifelong dream. Allowing someone to decide who can and cannot reproduce is one of the most invasive acts of dehumanization and violation of human rights I've ever heard of. The decision to let someone have children rests purely on the basis of whatever moral values the person or society in a place of power believes in, and it allows this society to rise above the rest of the human race and make decisions they have no business making. No one is so morally correct that they have the ability to take away another human's rights, because the idea of doing such is completely immoral.
    There should be no comparison to parenting children and driving cars. There should be no comparison, period. Everyone has the same rights; everyone has been created and born equal. To control and essentially unravel a part of the population we see as being unfit to reproduce is an absolutely disgusting concept.

    Posted by: MC1R
  • Not so crazy as removing choice

    I am pro choice including the choice to raise kids. Society tends to have unfair standards of what makes a fit or unfit parent especially when it comes to mothers, so therefore it would be invasive to stop people from having or raising kids so long as there is not abuse.

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