Is it cruel to keep other animals in the zoo?

Asked by: bvc
  • It's self evident

    How would you like it? Why do we use it to punish our own kind but to help animals. We use it as a means of control only. We have no right controlling other species for any reason. If you don't know what it feels like ask someone whose had the freedom to go where they want, when they choose taken from them? If you still don't get it, you never will.

  • Of corse its not!

    In fact, if anything, its better! Have you seen some ohh the things people do for animals in the zoo? Its not only helpful to the animal but i would say extensive and over the top! For example, a baby monkey can attract more attention then 10 human babies! Abortion. It is SICK! But thats off topic....... In a zoo, all the animals get more pampering and attention than they deserve! They get 3 meals a day, are at no risk to creditors and have no need to hunt! Ask anyone who used to be broke and now has 20 servants and a government at his disposal, (ya, no human has those rights!) and ask them if they would go back. Nah, they wouldn't! As for, "how would you like it?" i don't believe animals have any feelings to that concern! If you have a dog, and one day you kick it or something, it doesn't hate you! It comes right back! IT DOESNT EVEN REMEMBER!!!! So shad up you hippies! Sheesh!

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