Is it dangerous for children to view cartoon violence?

  • Makes children wild

    As a teacher for the elementary students, I've noticed how children often mimic what they see on TV. They shoot air guns and pretend to fight each other. They often use slang/incorrect vocabulary that they've learned in cartoons. Since they are still young, they are easily obsessed with the materials they see, and it can often have them do wild things that they saw on TV.

  • I believe that it is very dangerous for children to view cartoon violence.

    I believe that it is very dangerous for children to view
    cartoon violence. It is dangerous for
    children to view any kind of violence. I
    believe that violence is a learned behavior.
    Children see violence in cartoons or movies and automatically try to
    copy it. All violent entertainment
    should come with an adult rating.

  • They need to be lovable

    They lose their sensitivity. We begin to appreciate their ill behaviors when they are small. But as the time goes on we begin to hate them. We less care for them. They feel they are not loved. We see in carton nothing but disfigured faces and funny voices which these little ones catch up easily which cannot be undone. Why destroy them? They change and become less lovable.

  • Cartoon violence that looks harmless desensitizes children.

    Children believe what they see. They see someone hit on the head with a hammer and the worst thing is a six-inch lump that appears, but the victim is fine. Cartoon violence can make you think that hitting someone is funny with no real damage. There is a big difference in the behavior between children that grew up watching television, and those that do not.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I think that, sometimes, it is dangerous for kids to view cartoon violence, because it can scare them.

    My own daughter is very scared by violence in cartoons, and she lets me know. However, other kids may not be as forthcoming about their feelings and, therefore, may hold their fear inside. This can be very dangerous. Parents should carefully monitor what their kids are watching for this reason.

    Posted by: SamDude
  • Certain cartoons that depict too much violence or glamorize it too much are dangerous for children, because they can be influenced by it.

    Kids take in everything they see and can be greatly influenced by it. Be it
    from a parent or a cartoon, anything that sets a bad example for them to follow should be strictly monitored, especially if they are inclined toward
    misbehaving and violence towards others.

    Posted by: MarsBIue
  • Cartoons are not creating violence

    If you remember your childhood you had watched cartoons and you are fine so, Am I. It is source of entertainment for kids. Most of the youth watch cartoons instead of dramas. Bad manners of a kid is laziness of parents. Cartoons polish the skills of communication and teaches different lessons.

  • Children aren't stupid

    Children know the difference between real life violence and cartoons! They should be taught morals and important life lessons from cartons, and to do so they need to show some violence! If you give a person an completely ideal version of the world, they'll be completely unprepared for the real world!

  • It's not dangerous.

    Chances are all of you who say yes also watched cartoon violence while growing up and you are FINE! I watched cartoon violence growing up and I'm fine. I does not desensitize children. If i actually saw someone die as a child because of a giant weight crushing their body I would have been traumatized. Also, I did not go around trying to drop giant weights on people's heads. Majority of children today and back then watch cartoon violence (Looney toons) and just like you guys turned out fine so will we. All that needs to happen is increased parenting. Teach kids that cartoons are make believe. Stress it! That's all it takes. Kids are not as dumb as you guys make them out to be. Teach them what make believe is and show that is what they are seeing. Do any of you feel desensitized by the cartoons you watched?

  • I do not think that it is dangerous for children to view cartoon violence.

    In many ways, it depends on the skill and time involved of the parent. If a parent is there to enforce rules (don't hit other kids) when the child is away from the television, then I don't think that the child will grow to become unruly or bad-tempered. A young child needs a parent to help teach them right from wrong, and to keep them in check when their emotions get the best of them. Parenting, not television, will be the driving force that shapes a child's life.

    Posted by: ClutteredHai44

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