Is it dangerous for young children to read scary stories by R. L. Stine?

  • It teaches us that being afraid is normal.

    The world can be a scary place but, we will feel good knowing how to comfort fear is a good thing from reading all of these scary stories. So, I think kids should be able to read scary stories no matter what their age is. Adults should also be able to read scary stories because it helps us exercise our emotions.

  • It wouldn't depend on their age.

    If they are mature enough to have their own say then they are old enough to read scary stories. I read my first scary story when I was 5 years old and I am perfectly fine. So I think tjhat it is fine if kids read scary storys. The end

  • It would depend on their age.

    Some may think that R.L. Stine designs his books aimed toward kids. But to me it's older kids for example those who are nine to twelve years old. Even than it should be up to the discretion of the parent. There is no way kids younger than this should read his books, he is still a horror writer and very young kids could be quite scared by some of his works.

  • People need fear.

    Everyone needs fear otherwise people will get cocky and "brave" and end up getting themselves hurt or worse killed because they start to go into places they shouldn't and then they end up in a situation they can't get themselves out of and that's all because they grew up not being scared of sensible things.

  • Its a good thing to teach kids how the world is

    What we all have learned is that this world is a scary place and we can show kids the same thing by reading children scary stories to teach them that this world is not safe and not nice and we could show them we can face our own fears ya

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  • Yes, Kids should read horror stoies

    It helps them to be less afraid
    Fear is one of our primal emotions: it’s one that is hardwired into us, Just as it is in all animals. On a very basic level it has kept us alive as a species; encouraging us to stay away from long drops and big fires, Helping us dodge sabre-tooth tigers and other Things With Big Sharp Teeth And Claws that might quite enjoy adding us to their dinner. Last time I looked though,

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  • Grow the f up

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  • No, Kids have to read horror genre

    It is to important to read atleast some kind of horror because it can probably help you not make a bad mistake. Like lets say i walking down a dark allie that would scare me and i would run and go another way thats in the light because you don't know what would happen drug people or some kind of dangerous thing that would cause harm to you. Watching/reading horror keeps you safe and that is so important!

  • Becouse Horror stories teach children lessons

    When children have the chance to read classic stories. They have the chance to learn lots of things from a classic horror story. In The Monkey's Paw the Soldier expained ¨I threw it on the fire. If you keep it, Don't hold me responsible for what happens. Throw it on the fire like a sensible man. ̈ In the end of The Monkey's Paw Mr. White gets all his wishes granted. Except there was a steep price to pay for these wishes. He lost his son. They would have never lost their son if they had listened to the soldiers advice to throw the monkey's paw on top of the fire. This teaches children to take advice. There are a lot of other things children can learn from reading this classic horror story and other classic horror stories they read.

  • Why Scary Stories Should be Told to Children

    Psychologists say that scary tales serve an important purpose.
     Bruno Bettelheim, PhD, Wrote a book called The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales,  which says that scary tales provide entertainment and they also help kids through key developmental stages.
    Scary stories help children face their fears that already had.

  • There good to read

    Scary stories bye him aren't that bad. I read them all the time. And see no problem with them. So i don't see why kids shouldn't read his scary stories. Soo yeah they should be able to read his books. I feel that children from ages 8 and up should be able to handle them

  • I did in my youth

    Since the characters within are all supernatural or obviously not real there is not much danger. Danger in fearing a dummy will come to life or the abominable snowman will turn up isnt going to leave you sleepless at night in fear. I doubt it will heighten most preteens anxiety. I find it much worse in adulthood tbh. The fear and jumpiness from reading the shining as an adult is much much worse than my preteen reading of RL Stine.

    The writing is less descriptive and less emotive and designed to illicit a thrill/mild fear response rather than the explicit books adults read. There is death and killing, However you only need turn on the news to see this in real life, However it doesnt illicit a blood and gore response.

    Kids also seek out horror. I watched little shop of horrors at age 6, It was grand but I took it very very seriously. However just the parts that related to me personally. I had no problem with the plant eating people or the guy being chopped up. The horror I felt was the part where the dentist throttled and slapped audrey. That resonated with me. I remember my heart racing and being scared at that part, Because of a physically abusive set of parents.

    All in all we're talking about a mild horror written as an alternative to them reading or watching adult versions of these things, And that's good. It's also a genre many of us enjoy as adults BECAUSE we read them as teens or preteens. It interests kids in reading, Maintains that interest in formative years, Which again can only be a good thing.

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  • Children need to be scared

    As a kid, Scary stories did make me uncomfortable. But now, I realize how important they are. They help to show that life does sometimes suck. If you wanted to get a taste of real life, Read one. In addition, They are controllable. If someone got scared halfway through, They can just close it and be done, And have the experience knowing that they had control.

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  • They are fine it helps us train that built in system of flight or fight

    Parents that raise their kid with no fear in their life means when they grow older that won't be frightened by things they will take everything as a joke and think that everything is going to be okay but that is not how it work out all the time its not always a joke it could be something real

  • It is bad since they spent night reading it which affect their mental health

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