• Cosmetic surgery is desirable

    It is my opinion that cosmetic surgery is desirable. I understand the term to be a broad category of procedures. Some of these procedures are meant for more than just enhancing the way people feel about themselves, and can significantly impact the patient's health as well. For example, correcting cleft lips for infants can drastically improve their life in later years.

  • Yes, cosmetic surgery is an accepted practice.

    Yes, I think it is desirable to have cosmetic surgery. As long as someone doesn't become addicted to cosmetic surgery I think it is fine to want to improve yourself. I think most people accept that now days and most people are comfortable about it to share with friends and family the procedures they have.

  • It can solve problems.

    Yes, I think that is desirable to have cosmetic surgery, if it can help a person who has a true problem. If a child is born with a mouth deformity, they need surgery in order to fix it, for proper nutrition. If a person is deformed, they might have a hard time keeping people talking to them, rather than their deformity. They might as well fix it.

  • Unless Medically Necessary

    Plastic surgery should only be medically necessary. Optional cosmetic surgery is fairly pointless as human bodies are made that way for a reason. No one needs implants. Our culture shouldn't be so vain as to insist women get breast implants or nose jobs in order to look good. Cosmetic surgery simply disfigures women in today's patriarchal society.

  • No, not at all.

    I do not think I would ever get cosmetic surgery. It would feel like I was being extremely fake and would not make me feel any better. If anything, it would be extremely uncomfortable. I think I'd rather take human growth hormone or other anti-aging medicines rather than go under the knife.

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