• Always talk about it

    You must TALK it out with the person you are assuming things about before forming your opinion. If you suspect someone has done something bad, instead of cutting them out of your life, talk to them first! Poor communication is the #1 way great relationships end! Trying to understand someones situation is better than assuming, in my opinion that is

  • Yes, it's detrimental to assume things.

    I definitely think that it is detrimental to assume things. I think that people should give some things a little more thought and try to use logic sometimes. I think that when people are too quick to make a judgement, then it can cause some issues and problems with matters.

  • Not A Good Thing

    Every time you assume something there is a huge chance you could be wrong. While this may not seem to make a difference, it certainly can in the long run. Assumptions are bad and they should be seen as such. People shouldn't make assumptions, they should fact check and then make reasonable deductions.

  • Usually it is.

    It is usually detrimental to assume things. There is a huge problem when you do that. Assumptions aren't usually based on any sort of evidence, usually just on gut instinct, and the fact of the matter is that our gut instinct sometimes completely fails us. So yes, it's a detriment.

  • Not necessarily it depends what you assume

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  • It is capitalizing on information.

    No, it is not detrimental to assume things, because sometimes it is a good idea to make assumptions based on available information. When most people say that they are assuming things, they are referring to evidence or stereotypes that they have gathered in other situations. It is okay to rely on this information.

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