• It is difficult to speak English fluently.

    It is difficult to speak English fluently. Many people say that English is one of the
    hardest languages of all to learn. This
    is because fluent English changes so rapidly and contains such a large amount
    of slang. Also, many words in the
    English language are not necessarily pronounced the same way that they are

  • Not harder at all

    Even though english is one of those wierd languages..There are harder languages to learn than english. With that in mind, If your mother tounge was Russian, Arabic,or chinese, then English will be hard since english has a different alphabet and writing system. Howver, the same can be said Vice versa. Languages like mandarin Chinese are harder than english because of a different writing/reading structure

  • No, English is not harder to learn than any other language.

    Although English does have some arbitrary rules that are even broken, it is no more difficult to learn than any other language when students practice daily and work at it. It is not even considered one of the harder languages, like Asian dialects, and most English noises are easy to create with the mouth.

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