• It can become a health risk to wear pants without proper undergarments.

    You are less protected against viruses or bacteria that could easily infect you without proper clothing and really, anything that went through the washer or dryer with it now is rubbed all over your waist down. Wearing undergarments provides another layer of protection underneath your pants against viruses or bacteria.

  • Yes it is.

    It's probably really uncomfortable to not wear underwear. No one wants to see what's under your bottoms. It also would show how disrespectful a person is towards themselves and to others do to their self lack of taking care of themselves properly. So therefore it is very disgusting which brings shame to self which by far can be reduced by self respect an respect towards others.

  • It's Disgusting you should always wear underwear.

    It is just not right. It is not sanitary to use the bathroom and simply have only pants on. As a example as the picture pants don't always cover things up, and no body wants to look at that. Underwear is a necessity. Why wouldn't somebody not want to wear them, it's more comfortable then to not wear them.

  • It depends on where you are!

    If you are going to bed ... Hey, you are at home. Whether or not you wear underwear is your business. But if you are going out, to work, etc. -- put your panties on! Since seeing this poll & photo, I may never try on pants/jeans/shorts in a dressing room again. Yuck! I guess, you just can't assume that people wear such things as undies. Sad.

    Another thought occurred to me, while reading this ... Can you imagine how damning not wearing undies could be to a person's character in some situations. An example ... A woman is raped. The case goes to trial. The minute a jury hears that she is walking around without undies on, they will form a negative opinion of her. It may not be fair. It may not even be correct. But the damage is still done.

  • It's against morality.

    Over the past decade, this amoral activity has been witnessed all over the world. Firstly, It's sublimely against the etiquettes. People consider this shameful and therefore, doesn't feel comfortable accompanying those who are not wearing their undergarments. To me, it is offensive and hateful act. Consequently, it should be discouraged.

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  • Clean underwear daily.

    You should always wear undergarments. When you use the bathroom, You get human waste matter in your clothes. Both kinds. Then that rubs up against your skin all day and all night. If you want of those slabs only changes their pants every 4 or 5 days, Then it's really bad. If you know someone who does that always suggest not having sex with them find a new partner.

  • No underwear in public

    Do not want to see your _ _ _ _ got crack lol. It is a health hazard especially if wearing skirt. Kids touch everything and then their mouth.
    Gee dr how did my 2 year old get a sexually transmitted disease.
    People are more ignorant now than ever. Then believe all you see and read i got a bridge i want to see to you it is in ny,

  • Periods; Vaginal Mucus

    I am a female who secretes vaginal mucus constantly; except when I menstruate. And I mean CONSTANTLY. I wear a thin pad 24/7 to catch all the drippings and change it regularly. There is no way I could wear thin or dress pants without underwear AND a pad, let alone a skirt or dress without this protection, let alone go nude at the beach.
    For you lucky girls who don't have this problem, consider this true story: a woman on a plane wasn't wearing any underwear, and she unexpectedly got her period.
    So, if you don't wear underwear, how do you know Aunt Flo won't come a little early? How do you know you won't secrete vaginal mucus when you least expect it?
    On top of that, some girls don't wear underwear and then flaunt it to heighten sex appeal. But what happens when we get turned on, ladies? Our vaginas self-lubricate, and then we drip, unimpeded, right past our open skirt and down our legs. Suddenly our hot crush thinks we're a hot mess, or worse.

  • How do women not wear underwear?

    What happens to healthy discharge from the vagina...Does it run down their legs when wearing a dress with no underwear??? What happens when sitting on a seat or lounge with a skirt or dress on with no underwear? Hello....Wet marks, discharge marks? It is disgusting for women to not wear underwear.

  • Why would it be?

    I mean, it's underwear to cover up private parts yes and it is comfortable to wear them. However to say it is Disgusting shows your personal feelings toward the matter and I really don't care so long as I am unable to see those private areas. Otherwise no, it isn't.

  • I dont agree

    I like to see people naked and when someone wears underwear i cant view his hips or ass. Its a great fun looking at naked ass coming out of ur loose pant without underwear. Some asses are very delicious to see and feel. So i would like girls not to wear underwear

  • So long as you aren't showing your private areas.

    Even if you don't wear pants, nobody else has to know that. So, its not disgusting in that respect.

    It doesn't have to affect anybody else in anyway. Nobody even has to know your not wearing pants.

    It's a person's own choice. And they will obviously have a reason for doing it.

  • It is okay not to wear underwear (if you are a girl)

    I am a girl and I only wear underwear during periods and I am fine. Wearing underwear could be unhealthy because it helps yeast infections because it holds in moisture. If you wear jeans, it would make jeans tighter if you wear bigger types of underwear. Guys should wear underwear because of the stricture. It will make you feel more free and might be healthier for you.

  • It really depends

    My friend normally doesn't wear underwear unless she is on her period. (Sorry didn't know how else to state that) Really it doesnt matter. It's someones own personal choice. She decided she didn't want to wear underwear, it doesn't change the way I look at her. She is the same person with or without underwear.

  • Where's the science?

    As far as I know, it's perfectly healthy to not wear underwear. For females, having material to trap sweat and discharge can breed bacteria, making it dirtier to wear underwear. I haven't worn underwear my whole life and have never had a urinary tract infection or yeast infection. The only argument others can come up with against not wearing underwear is their own subjective opinions and personal aesthetic taste, which are meaningless. Unless there's an empirical study showing the dangers of not wearing underwear, not wearing them is perfectly fine by me.

  • It's not my fault

    This might be TMI but in the past year or two I've really started having a problem with underwear. If I go a week straight of wearing underwear (even if I take it off at night) a pH imbalance definitely starts to happen. And that is miserable! It takes a good two weeks to get back to normal if I don't buy medicines.

    So I would say it isn't wrong to go commando no matter how many people tell me it is. Now that being said because I don't wear other people's clothing and I do wear during my period. BUT to say that not wearing underwear let's more bacteria in, when I'm wearing my own clean clothing is a ridiculous statement.

  • Humans weren't born with underwear

    Humans weren't born with clothing at all. That was how nature intended humans to be. It always feels better without underwear and it's better for your health. Lot of men go commando and don't care really. Women should go commando too it's a good feeling. I do hear it from women though that they do wear bras so their breasts do not become saggy so I guess for some body managing bras or any other breast holding garment is recommended for women but they can do without panties.

  • Wearing underwear is a pointless waste of intellectual capacity.

    While don't necessarily condone refusal to wear underwear, provided one bathes regularly and upholds some degree of personal hygiene there are no health risks that result entirely from not wearing underwear. It boils down to personal preference, some people find it comfortable and sexy others feel it's disgusting and trashy. Either eay you'll step on someones toes.

  • I love going commando.

    After a while of doing it, wearing underwear just feels weird. Plus, my bodily fluids have never been so out of control that it's "getting everywhere" . That just doesn't happen unless you're on your period. I don't even wear skirts or dresses so I got nothing to worry about.

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Fitness101 says2017-01-01T20:29:59.667
I think is is great I just started in 2017
kkkkatie126 says2017-01-21T18:35:02.593
I never wear underwear.
Mbrames119 says2017-12-11T09:41:19.713
I always wear my high waist boxer briefs! If I ever was picturing that female above, I'd only picture her when she's bleeding that time of the month, that her butt crack will be totally covered by her high waist panties! If I ever was that female above, I'd love to be pictured when bleeding that time of the month, that my butt crack will be totally covered by my high waist panties!

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