Is it dumb if your friends parents don't let you hang out with a 14 year old daughter, But is allowed to date an 18yearold?

Asked by: UncleSmiley
  • Yeah super creepy

    An 18 year old boy already knows what he wants. I would not let my daughter be dating older boys who believe they are men when they are just 18. A 14 year old is more easier to intimidate and guide. If he want to be friends with my daughter and be worthy of her he needs time to prep and get good grades. I can also see how he behaves instead of an older man.

  • Of course it is

    If your friends parents don't allow you to hang out with someone your age, But can allow them to date an 18 year old, Then something is definitely wrong with them. This is the creator by the way, I had this experience not long ago. I would love to hear all of you, But I would recommend adults. But anyone can vote.

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