Is it dumb that we have to post our age to this site so we can get debates "suitable" to our age?

Asked by: kent.hinchcliff
  • Yes it is.

    It is dumb that we have to show our age, because what if some people are more sophisticated when it comes to thinking than others are? If we want to improve at all in life, we have to go through hardships! So why would we want the easy way out when you could take the harder, more knowledgeable way instead? Personally I want to be challenged on this site. Not be equated with poelpe of my own age, or whatever standing this site puts me at.

  • Yes it is extremely dumb.

    It is idiotic to believe that just because we are in a certain age range that we are not "mature" enough to discuss certain topics. I believe that the level of maturity does not depend on age, but experiences or just education. You'd be surprised, with the access to internet and information and facts from all over the world, just how much younger people can learn. Having access to the internet allows younger people to learn the other opinion and what other people may think, instead of just stating their opinion and not accepting that others think differently. Just because I'm a teenager doesn't mean that I shouldn't be able to discuss terrorism or abortion. It's silly to presume I am not at a suitable age to talk about those things when we are faced with it every day.

  • Some people my age understand many complex things.

    I, per-say love a good debate. It tests my knowledge of a subject and shows I understand it, even though I'm very young. I think young people should be able to express their opinion about anything, anywhere. So long as it's legal and they know what they're talking about. I just need a last word cuz I had 49 :D

  • No here's why

    When I debate you, it could be described as "mental rape." This is because I take your brain and do things to it that you don't want me to do. I have to make sure that you're at least the legal age of consent before mentally raping you. I could get arrested if you're too young.

  • Debates About Sex, Drugs Not for Youngsters

    Some debates about sex and drugs are not suitable for younger website users. If you are under the age of 18, users must obtain parental permission to use the site as listed under the "Terms and Conditions" of Someone who is 7 years old won't understand debates about suicide, cars, politics and drugs. However, that person my like debates about Disney movies, Justin Bieber and Cartoon Network shows.

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