• It is effective for the Vatican to crackdown on nuns.

    After the recent sexual and child abuse scandals in the Catholic church, it is necessary for the Vatican to crack down on all misconduct. Any nuns who were involved in the scandals, directly or indirectly, should be removed from their positions and kept out of contact with children in the future.

  • Yes, it's fair to have rules.

    Yes, it's effective for the Vatican to crackdown on nuns, because it's fair that they have rules for their own organization. The Vatican needs to have rules and impose consequences, because the nuns need to know what behavior is expected of them, and how they can behave. Strict enforcement sends the message that they will be taken seriously.

  • You can't tell women like that what to do.

    The Vatican's crackdown on nuns is one of the most detestable and annoying legacy of ex-Pope Benedict's reign of error from Rome. In the United States, many of the orders have been involved with social justice for the better part of half a century, they have been the compassionate arm of the Catholic Church. Trying to radicalize them into little penguin-shaped hate machines will not turn out well for the Vatican.

  • The nuns are not the problem it is the priests

    No, I do not believe that he focus from the Vatican should be placed on the nuns, it should be placed on the priest instead. This is evident through the constant news cast where priest are engaging in sexual affairs with young, underage boys. The Catholic church has been tarnished with these accusations over decades. The Vatican should investigate into these claims instead or worrying about nuns that have not been in the spotlight.

  • Focus On The Priests

    I believe the Vatican needs to consider cracking down on its priests, rather than focusing on nuns. For the most part the Catholic Church has been smeared by the priests who elect to sexual assault young boys. For too long, they have tried to avoid doing anything about this. I think their time would be better spent, addressing that problem.

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