Is it effective to have kids pick their own punishments?

  • Makes Them Learn Better

    Having your child pick his or her punishment aids in their growth and learning process. Kids should have a pick of four to six options for punishments, that way they help in taking responsibility for their actions. Choosing your own punishment also brings the lesson full circle in that the child seems to control their own destiny while making choices that affect their lives.

  • Kids Know Best

    Kids know what would work to help them learn to not do what they did wrong. If kids chose their own punishments they would be less upset about their punishments. Kids need to choose
    their own punishments, it would also be easier for the parents. The parents wouldn't have to worry about what their son or daughters punishments should be

  • Kids should not pick their own punishments

    It is my opinion that children should not pick their own punishments because this method is less effective than the parent choosing the proper punishment. Children are not as disciplined as adults are typically, and this would lead to a lax punishment being chosen for themselves rather than a proper one being chosen by their parents.

  • That would be rather silly.

    If we don't let adult criminals pick their own punishments, why would we let juvenile offenders do the same thing. The whole point of a punishment is that you don't get to choose what happens. You did something that made you lose control, so someone else has stepped in. Life can be harsh.

  • It is not effective to have kids pick their own punishment.

    It is not effective to have kids pick their own punishment. I think that the punishment should come directly from the parents. Having a child pick their own punishment is not fair to them because its like sending a person to jail and letting them decide how long they want to be there.

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