Is it Esau (yes) or Dan (no) who's the oppressing white man?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • It will be from the very country of Denmark that the enemy of God will enter incarnate

    Blacks are white that the white man will be the Antichrist, however it's not Esau, it's gonna be the very man from which Denmark is descended from, Daniel. They had some of the most vile bigotry (KKK, segregation, hatred of tomboys who prefer guy friends and hatred of autistic people, lynchings). They were one of the big players in enslavement and conquest of the African continent. If any country has 666 in their hearts, it's going to be Dan.

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Adam2 says2014-06-09T23:13:01.207
Mussolini and Hitler never claimed to have God on their side, making Denmark, which was one of the Allies (after Germany launched an attack on Danish soldiers in Greenland), worse than them.