Is it ethical for a politician to mix taxpayer funds with money for a political campaign?

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  • No, taxpayer dollars are not for campaigning.

    No, it is not ethical for a politician to mix taxpayer dollars when campaigning, because taxpayer dollars are to run the public office only, and not to help the political candidate. The political candidate is hired to serve the people, not to ensure his own legacy, by using public money to convince the public to reelect him again.

  • No - campaign funds should be separate

    All politicians should have to account for their spending. Taxpayer funds are absolutely not for campaign use. Taxes are for schools, public works, roads and police, fire and EMT service. There is no reason any politician should feel like he or she can freely use taxpayer funds for a political campaign. Campaign donations are voluntary; taxes aren't.

  • No, it is not ethical to mix taxpayer funds with political campaign funds.

    I find it highly unethical for someone to be mixing taxpayer funding with the money they have set aside for a political campaign. The funding that comes from taxpayers should be designated and used in the appropriate manner. Using this money for a campaign would be highly unethical in my opinion.

  • It is not.

    It is not ethical for a politician to mix taxpayer funds with money for a political campaign. We taxpayers are not funding a politician so they can get elected. We are funding the roads, schools and everything else that benefits us directly. Using those funds for a campaign is stealing.

  • Tax Payer Funds Are Not For Campaigning

    I do not believe it is ethical for politicians to mix tax payer funds with money for a political campaign. To me, that is not different than cheating and stealing all at the same time. Tax payer money is not intended for politicians to as they please with and it's certainly not to be used for their personal advancement.

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