Is it ethical for animals to be tested on for cosmetic use?

Asked by: goat
  • It's ethical because ethics only apply to people

    Unless a cat or dog is considered people using animals for testing for cosmetics is ethical. Leather and fur is made from animals, we eat animals, we use animals for testing. This isn't something new. The only time animals are put into concern is when they are falling in short supply and we need to maintain their population so they don't go extinct.

  • By that logic, why not use humans for testing?

    Animals do not deserve to suffer because we are unwilling to use the products on ourselves for fear of OUR own, personal safety, rather than fearing the ANIMAL'S safety. We are always too selfish to consider ourselves for tests and other animals always have to suffer because of our actions.

  • No, absolutely not

    It is not ethical. Those of you that say that it doesn't matter because ethics only apply to people: animals were around much longer than people and just because they don't have a say in the matter does not mean they are alright with it. It is absolutely sick to use products that may have killed an animal just to look pretty. If products were tested on you, I'm sure you wouldn't approve.

  • It is Pointless

    Why would you want to buy something that harmed many animals?????? Medical uses make sense but otherwise why would i want something that potentially hurt a rabbit, or a monkey, or a pig, or a fly. It is completely inhumane, taking these animals well being just to look pretty is disgusting.

  • Very Inhumane Practice

    How would you like it if you, as a human, had to test a product that could either work, make you ill, or even kill you?

    I sure wouldn't, and neither would these animals.

    They deserve better than this. They never asked for this. They're not even getting any compensation for this.

    Just because they can't talk to us in order to voice their complaints about being used as test subjects doesn't mean we should just jump to the conclusion that they'll be okay with it. Because they're not!

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