Is it ethical for medicine and health care to be a business?

  • Yes, it's ethical.

    I think that it is ethical for the medicine and health care to be a business. I think that the advancements in medicine and the health care system are due to the fact that they are striving for profits. I think that if they didn't believe in capitalism, then there wouldn't be as much treatments as there are today.

  • Harder working providers.

    Yes, it is ethical for medicine and health care to be a business, because it makes people work harder to provide good service. If people have to wait 2 hours to see a doctor, because there is no incentive to provide quick service, people will not be willing to go when they are sick.

  • No, no, no!

    A business model of medicine supports treatments as opposed to cures. After all, why make someone healthy when you can keep them marginally sick but alive? That approach guarantees a permanent revenue source. Market based medicine is sick, pun intended! Besides, you see too many doctors who are only in medicine for the money.

  • No: It is Not Ethical for Medicine and Health Care to Be a Business

    The US has an epidemic of obesity, and health problems like ADD, chemical sensitivities, and autism are on the rise. The health care as a business model is tied into this sick modern manifestation, which treats people as cogs in a machine, and profits from disease rather than creating a healthy society with healthy people. The model is flawed,and these flaws are a reflection of a larger cultural malaise.

  • No It's Not

    It is not ethical for medicine and health care to be a business. Doctors should treat patients to help the community and society as a whole. Doctors who focus too much on money are not providing services as they should be. Medicine and health care should not be about profits.

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