Is it ethical for online ad networks to allow advertisers to know your physical location?

  • You agree to it:

    Spyware, Adware, and Malware are unethical by nature however most ads do not use these particular methods and often most of the time using a given web browser actually outright tells you what information can be transferred and gives in it's options a clear and easily understood way to "turn off tracking". You don't even need an extension for it.

  • Yes it ethical for online ad networks to provide location data to advertisers.

    It is ethical for online ad networks to provide location data of respondents to advertisers. Online ad networks in the business of providing information to advertisers, if someone does not want their physical location disclosed they should turn-off the location sharing beacon on their computer or smartphone. It is own responsibility to protect our location data.

  • You should have to approve it.

    It is only ethical for online networks to access your personal information if you've given permission. Most browsers have settings that allow you to adjust your privacy, and networks should respect your decisions. When they don't, it is no different from a hacker breaking through your antivirus software to steal your information. No matter what the choice is, if someone says no that choice should be respected, and taking anything, information included, from someone against their will is theft,

  • Tired Of The Targeting

    I do not believe it is ethical for advertisers to expect to know what a persons location is. I'm tired of the targeted advertising as it is. I don't know why Facebook has to scan and steal everything I look at online or others for that matter. I'll decide what I want on my own. I hate all the advertising.

  • No it's a low form of violation

    I believe in privacy on or off the Internet. So for a random ad network to provide address details to an advertisers that one may or may not be aware of is a violation. For one the persons address or location given to the advertisers should only be giving to them when they have from the actual person in which they are giving locations.

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