Is it ethical to allow oil and gas drilling in national parks?

  • We need it for the sake of energy independence.

    We need to get to a place where we're energy independent from the Middle East and South/Central America. If there are oil reserves and natural gas reserves under our national parks, then we should be able to exploit some of that for the greater good. Extraction can have a very small environmental footprint.

  • No, it's not ethical to allow oil and gas drilling in national parks.

    I do not think that it is ethical for national parks to allow oil drilling. I think that such processes should not be conducted in national parks. It is important that national parks are kept safe and free of processes that might endanger their environment. I think that such things should be illegal.

  • It ruins land

    No, it is not ethical to allow oil and gas drilling in our nations national parks. Here in Arkansas we recently had a huge natural gas boom, and the damage that it caused to our natural habitats and scenery was huge. They destroyed many forests and natural features to get gas.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe it is ethical to allow oil and gas drilling in national parks. Within the United States, national parks were created to preserve the land for future generations. Drilling for oil and gas goes against this purpose and guarantees that these lands will be utilized for other profitable things in the future. This shouldn't be allowed for any reason.

  • No, because it is public land.

    Oil and gas drilling is problematic as it is when it is done on private land. However, to use our national parks, which are public land, to do something questionable just has no validity to it and should be banned completely. We need to rethink how it is done everywhere and at the national park level first.

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