• yes it is

    yes, there is not a thing wrong with giving up your sperm or an egg and trying to help out a person who is wanting to have a child. i think that this is a good way to make sure that people who want a baby can get one if they cant do it.

  • If it makes people's life better

    I see nothing wrong with paying people to give their sperm or eggs, so that couples can get pregnant. The reason they pay people is because many people find it a bit awkward and embarrassing to just donate their sperm and eggs. So they compensate people for their humiliation and it gives people the motivation they need to go through with it.

  • It is ethical to be paid sperm or egg donor

    The reason why I believe it is ethical to be paid for donating eggs or sperm is because there are people out there who have a hard time reproducing and making babies. For this reason, there should be an alternative for those people. That is the only valid reason by which I agree, any other uses and I disagree with it.

  • Absolutely, it is viable

    There is a serious market for sperm and egg donors. People who are unable to conceive on their own need services like these. These people are most likely extremely fit to be parents, and having a wide variety of potential specimens allows the future parents to have the most selection possible.

  • Yes, it's ethical to get paid for being a sperm or egg donor.

    I definitely believe it is ethical for a person to get paid when donating sperm or an egg. I do not seeing anything wrong with it. When a person provides a service that is in need, then they should be paid for it. The only thing people should be concerned about in this subject is if the program is morally right.

  • The human body becomes a commodity.

    What are you going to tell those children who were conceived from a donated egg? You were bought because we cannot have our own baby. Paying donors devalue life and will motivate individuals to donate their eggs for financial gain rather than help others. This will increase the risk on donors and recipients because they might lie about serious condition or illness to receive the payment. I totally disagree with payment to donors.

  • No Right to a Child.

    I noticed those in favor all take into consideration the wants of the parents, but neglect the rights of the child. So many children have holes in their lives due to sperm and egg donation. It is selfish to take a child's parent away permanently so that the other biological parent can have a child. It is also selfish to abandon your children as a donor by abdicating your responsibilities as a parent to another parent you have never met. Children's rights to their parents should trump parents' rights to have children, and the paying of sperm and egg donors muddies the waters to another degree, incentivizing "donation" and making commodities out of children.

  • There is no right to "have" a child

    Infertility is very difficult and painful for those involved. However, taking a parent away from a child so that you can have a child, is selfish. In doing so, you put your interests for a child above the child's interests. From the "donor" side, it is not selfless to "donate" your child. It is even worse to "sell" your child, abdicating a relationship and responsibility for that child. There are so many stories of heartbreak from children who cannot know their biological parents and siblings, and from previous donors and spouses of donors as well. A child is not a commidity. He or she is a person. Selling sperm and eggs make them even more so commodities, incentivizing donors, and making for grocery store babies. All those who say yes focus only on the grieving parents to the exclusion of the grieving child.

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