• Nothing wrong with eating food.

    Food is food. Is it wrong to want proper nourishment? Eating animal products is necessary for normal health and development. In fact, thousands of babies rely on goats milk because their mothers cannot breastfeed them. No one can possibly advocate purposefully starving thousands of innocent infants for no logical reason. Besides, it's delicious.

  • Yes It Is Ethical

    I believe it is ethical to drink milk from animals. It would appear cow milk is produced at a rate that they can't even use it at. Humans, coincidentally benefit a great deal from cows milk. There is no reason to find this practice unethical, it has been done for centuries.

  • Yes it is

    It is ethical to drink milk from animals. In fact, humans are mammals and considered to be animals, and some of us feed our young with milk. If we're talking about dairy animals like cows, sheep, and goats, it is ethical to drink their milk as long as they are not harmed, and as long as they are not being kept in abusive conditions.

  • IT is ethical

    Honestly, does it really hurt the cows to be milked? I mean, human females do it all the time with their babies. Why should it hurt the animal when we do it when their own calf does it a lot harder. Seriously guys, it is not bad to do what nature does but in a different way.

  • Yes, it is ethical to drink milk from animals

    We are animals, therefore milk from animals is perfectly ethical. Whether it be a human animal or a cow or goat, it is perfectly ethical, IMO. The practices we use to extract m ilk are a whole separate issue. But for the purposes herein, I have to say that I have no ethical issue with drinking milk from an animal.

  • Milk is fine as far as I'm concerned

    The question of is it ethical to drink milk, or the question, Is it ethical to eat meat are the same question to my eyes. I don't have a problem with doing either. I think this is a question whose answer depends on the ethical system you subscribe to. There are a lot of nutrient provided by milk and plenty of people who need those nutrients. Is it preferable that people suffer for animals benefit. It depends. In my ethical system, people are valued above animals.

  • Do you want to know the truth, or would you prefer to play make-believe?

    What people don't realize about diary farms is that they are actually the one's responsible for producing veal. Have you ever wondered what happens to the male calves in dairy farms? Dairy farms have no use for raising them, so they instead ship them off grow with extremely limited movements so that their muscles are unable to develop, giving them an unnatural, sickening tenderness. Additionally, milk only comes by means of a calf being taken away from her/his mother. We are literally stealing the milk biologically meant for the calf. The mother cow emits calls that scientists have determined are used by the mother to try to locate her lost offspring. Diary cows who survive this ordeal are given extremely little room to move. Instead of being allowed to graze, diary farm corporations have determined that it is cheaper to have the cows consume corn (unnatural for their consumption) and remain stationary (unnatural for any mammal, especially a grazing mammal). The cows largely live standing in their own defecation. These unnatural foods and conditions have led to the development of unique diseases that would not survive in healthy, free cows.

    Posted by: kbub
  • No it's not.

    Unless it becomes painless and convenient for the actual animals involved, then there is no honest way we can argue that it's ethical. Alternatives exist which don't come at the cost of suffering, and they can even be healthier. Though don't get me wrong, I'm saying this from the position of a vegetarian that still eats cheese and ice cream so even I contribute to this problem.

    But you see, that's the thing that needs to be addressed. Lets stop defending terrible acts by trying to pretend that they're ethical. The first step to fixing a problem is admitting that we have one. And in a world where countless animals have to suffer for our own petty, selfish want, then clearly, we in-arguably have a gigantic problem here; we've got an addiction.

    It's not ethical to drink milk, it's not ethical to eat meat, it's not ethical to eat ice cream and cheese, and it's certainly not ethical to put our tiny wants above the lives of other living creatures.

  • It is unethical

    Impregnating cows only to take their calves away 9 months later so that we can drink the milk that is at best completely unnecessary for humans, at worst harmful to our health, cannot be ethical and is incredibly cruel to the animals involved. Not to mention the ultimate fate of the calves and the cows once they stop producing the level of milk needed to be deemed profitable.

  • It is not humane

    Sad to say it because I love dairy products, but in my mind, and as a mother, I find it incredibly cruel that we tear the calf from its mother and kill it. Year after year the poor cow has to go through this, and the young are slaughtered. I'm not a vegan, but a vegetarian and although I will never be classed as vegan, I am considering dairy alternatives, as I believe the system is a cruel one

  • No, it's unnessecary and unnatural.

    Is it necessary? No. There are ample alternatives.

    Do animals suffer as a direct consequence? Yes. Regardless of the perpetual state of induced feigned pregnancy and centuries of unnatural breeding to suite our needs there is no escaping that unwanted calves- an inevitable outcome of the breeding process - are killed to save expense.

    Is it natural? No. We've been ingesting dairy from other animals for just a fraction of our existence as a species.

    There's no argument save selfish laziness. Although I must admit I do miss the taste...

  • Its not ethical

    We are a selfish, self absorbed species that believes animals are only created for our satisfaction. We choose to ignore what we know to be the truth. Animals suffer as a result of our thoughtless desire for comfort. We do not need it. It is not natural for us to drink milk from another species. I include myself here. Time to wake up and get real and adopt a genuine compassion and respect for animals. It is their right!

  • It is unethical

    No matter what ethical system you follow, just do this: Ask your mother/sister/girlfriend/wife (you will have at least one of these): How does it feel to be forced in to a perpetually alternating cycles of pregnancy and lactation? Do they enjoy it? If the answer is "Yes", then drink milk merrily. Otherwise DON'T.
    It does not matter how well the dairy animals are looked after. The fact is that because of human selfishness, a dairy animal is not allowed to live even 50% of its natural lifespan.
    The following can be exempted from these ethical decision - babies still on liquid diet, patients - young & old - whose systems can not digest any solid food. That means they can be exempted when it is a matter of life and death. Why this exemption you may ask! When it comes to choosing the life of an animal or humans, I choose humans - PERIOD.
    IN ALL OTHER CASES, milk is not necessary to keep humans healthy. The plant kingdom can provide for it.
    ETHICS is a conscious decision and ALL able-bodied humans are capable of it, ONLY IF THEY CHOOSE TO EXERCISE IT.


  • It is unethical

    No matter what ethics system you follow, if you are a human born out of a mother, then ask that mother how does it feel to be in a state of alternating pregnancy and lactation stages. If she says she will be happy with it, then drink milk merrily. Otherwise think - it does not matter how well a dairy animal is looked after. And human beings who are healthy and adults do not need milk. Plant kingdom has plenty of nutritious products to keep you healthy. Only the following can be exempted from the ethics issue - babies still on liquid diet, patients and probably terminally ill patients who can not take any solid food - In other words when it is matter of life ad death for the human being. Why exemption to these, you ask me - when it comes to choose between life of an animal and a human being, I chose the latter. That is it - Period.

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