• Yes. Its unethical to lay around all day and do drugs while forcing hard earning non-crack heads to pay for it.

    If you lay around all day drinking and doing drugs when you are able to work and can find Job than you are selfish and lazy. You are also taking money from poor and disabled people who actually Need it and using it for your own gross behavior. It's sickening really. I know not all welfare recipients are drug users but enough are. And those people me to stop stealing and forcing healthy, non obese, non crack taking, non alcoholics to pay for you.

  • Yes, drug test them

    Most jobs require drug testing, why not for getting welfare. This new society is trying to punish the good working people and reward the people that don't work and break the law. We need to get back what we once had and that was a land with laws, people need to realize that you will not be rewarded for doing drugs and breaking the law. And why do I have to pay the drug dealer with my tax money. Most of these drug users sell their benefits for drug money. We need to have a war against drugs not encourage it.

  • Yes, it is ethical to drug test welfare recipients.

    I believe that is it ethical to drug test welfare recipients. In fact, it might be very important to drug test them if it is suspected that the person is on drugs. Sometimes welfare money goes toward the support of a person's family and not for a person's drug habit. It is important to drug test welfare recipients to make sure the welfare money is being spent in the right way.

  • Yes it is.

    I do not see anything wrong with drug testing welfare reciepients. It is not like the people are accusing them of being on drugs and that is why they need the extra help, it is just a standard process. When we are applying for jobs we go through the same thing.

  • Yes and another yes

    To get a job, ...To get a job...And again to get a job you have to get drug tested, but to get payed while you don't have a job you don't need to get tested?... I really don't follow this type of logic. I don't even think is any type of logic.

    Posted by: N711
  • Drug Tests Idenfity Problems

    Drug testing of welfare recipients serve multiple purposes. First, it ensures that benefits are being spent properly. Second, tests can identify which citizens need more help such as drug rehab services. Those found to have drug problems can have children placed in foster homes while the adults can get help for their addiction. Alcohol testing should be including in the drug test because welfare recipients need to be able to find work rather than waste away on public assistance.

  • It is not ethical to drug test welfare recipients.

    It is not ethical to drug test welfare recipients. There are a lot of struggling people in this economy that deserve help from our government. Drug testing has its place but this is not one of them. This would only give the greed of our government more control and a reason to deny reasonable help for these people. If we allow this then what is next? If we do this, can they also be a height and weight requirement next? If we allow our government to keep pushing limits to help our own country then we will soon fail to take care of anyone.

  • This is shameful!

    Drug testing welfare recipients who may or may not be using drugs is a waste of time . This is a tactic used to further stigmatize and police the poor who really need their benefits. Even if people are drug users, they need help, not their benefits being taken away. This action solves nothing.

  • And a waste

    It is not ethical to drug test welfare recipients. It is not ethical, not because they should be allowed to take drugs, but because it is a waste of the taxpayers money. While it may be annoying that people on welfare might take drugs, its worse to waste time and money trying to find those few.

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