• Yes, when you dont go insane

    experimenting on animals is perfectly fine as long as you dont go to cruel and unusual testing procedures

  • Humans > Animals

    Since a lot of experimenting on animals is to help humans with health issues, or just keep us safe, it is therefore ok.

  • Yes, since animals do not possess rights

    due to the fact that rights are not based upon existence, but rather sentience and moral culpability. Since animals have neither, they don't have a right to protest to experimentation or a reason for them not to be experimented on so long as there is one benefit to experimenting on them (medical advances, product testing, etc.).

  • Yes, it is ethical.

    Why would you want to end animal testing if huge discoveries are made at the cost of less than 0.0001% of a species?

  • Yes, animals are organic machines

    What gives us rights is not our humanity, it's our personhood. Personhood is not evident in any animal, and even if we 'discover' it we are not obligated to recognize their rights. We suspend the recognition of the rights of humans routinely, and so it would be no matter to do so for any non-human people.

    Posted by: Kali
  • yes.

    See Food Chain.


    Animal testing has led to the foundation of most of the cures we have.

    Posted by: TUF
  • Yes.

    I mean, if you just randomly combine a bunch of chemicals and say "Let's give this to a giraffe and see what happens!" that's kind of a problem. However, if you've got something that you have good reason to believe is as perfect as you can make it without testing it, test away. Save the human trash for testing once you've got it as perfect as you can get it with animal testing.

  • They are not sentinent

    They are not sentinent, thus are not entitled to the rights of humans. There is nothing different between killing a mammal and an insect, they are both animals, they are both non-sentinent, yet "animal rights activists" go around smashing ants.

  • If it saves lives, what can you say against?

    Experiments on animals are done for a reason, usually to test new medicines that are about to be used on humans. The negative opinion is that humans are equal in worth to an animal. Simply rediculous...

  • Animals have rights. They suffer. They are sensitive. It doesn't matter their brain evolution.

    Unethical for using animals in an innatural and cruel way, I think animal testing is very dangerous for humans. With animal testing the pharmaceutical factory can ask more public money saying that they have to pay for the animals they have (animal experimentation is expensive!).
    And using animals the researchers can select the species of animals on the basis of the results they want obtain. Ex. Some animals die with diossine, other don't.
    And when their drugs on the market will begin to kill people or to cause horrible diseases and reactions, the researchers will say that with animals the result was different, so it's not their fault. They want be paid! They don't care about human or animal welfare, rights etc. They are horrible people.

    It's unethical because animals suffer like humans do. We should respect the other beeings in this planet. We are not the owners of the world. The nature will come against us. Can we imagine if from another planet would come some intelligent aliens able to subjugate us?

  • Don't confuse cultural bias with reason and logic.

    Lack of sentience seems to be a big argument for why allowing testing on animals. First off, a common test for self awareness is recognizing oneself in a mirror, this recognition has been shown in chimpanzees, even in some bird species. Secondly, it doesn't take sentience to feel pain. It has been shown that many animal species, including ones that are heavily tested on (like zebrafish) feel pain. Why is it okay to subject another creature to pain when you won't volunteer yourself?Because animals are different from us and we can't communicate with them, it suddenly makes it okay to violate them? What's the difference if we suddenly find out there are genetically inferior humans, can we start testing on them too?

    If you are willing to make the sacrifice for the advances to be made in medicine then I say, you should sign up. Humans are much more genetically similar to other humans, so the human experimental model only makes sense.

  • No, because animals are not inferior to us.

    Animals have feelings, they have lives, they have families, and most importantly, THEY FEEL PAIN! If it is not ok to test on humans, why is it ok to test on animals? We can clone most of the different parts of the human body, and test on them, with results that are far more accurate. With animal testing, 90 percent of the results aren't accurate, and the animals often end up dying after living a painful and miserable life. Our well-being is not the responsibility of the animals. It is OUR responsibility.

  • No, Animals should have rights.

    Its abuse anyway you put it. How would you like it if the animals were testing stuff on humans? You would not like it so they should stop testing random stuff on animals. Animals aren't the smartest thing alive and will attack if you do it right because they just don't know what you are doing.


    animals can not speak for themselves and therefore it is unethical ! It is cruel and abusive ! it is true that animals do not poses rights but they are living things and they should be protected. I am absolutely sure that if animals could speak they would never approve of the abnormal experiments you do with them !

  • Animal experimentation is absolutely unethical.

    I think it's funny that dandpw pointed out the fact that "in order to have rights you must first have the ability to respect the rights of others" because as humans, we have rights, but do we respect the rights of animals and other humans? Not all the time. Animals and humans may be created differently, but it's like racism. Would you torture and experiment on someone of a different race? Probably not, right? You would call that unethical, but experimenting on animals is no different from experimenting on other humans.

  • By no means is animal experimentation ethical.

    We are no better and no worse than any other species. Just because other animals differ from us does not mean they don't deserve the same rights we reserve for ourselves. They were here before us. Theoretically, we once lived in harmony with them. The fact that we have chosen to isolate ourselves from the natural world and leave our place in the ecosystem doesn't make us better than animals...It makes us ignorant.

  • Of course not

    Animals shouldn't be mistreated and harmed just because they can't defend themselves. The way their treated is harsh and they don't deserve to be forced to live like that. For one many of the things they test on animals never even make it to the public. And some people say it doesn't matter because only a small percentage are being experiment on but what if it was humans and you were in that small percentage? Would you be okay with it?

  • Feel it!

    Try to put yourself in their situations , do you want to be experimented ?

  • Animals have feelings too!

    Animal testing is absolutely stupid, there is a massive difference between humans and animals. All these experiments on animal 'in the name of science' end up no where. Animals have rights too and they should live their life would humans like it if they were experimented on?

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