• Yes,it is ethical to shoot animals.

    Yes,it can be seen as ethical to shoot animals.Some people really need animals to supply their family with food and other essentials.Many religions believe that this is the true reason why God put animals on Earth.The problem is when sport hunting comes into play and the animals are just used for trophies.

  • Top Of The Food Chain

    I believe it is perfectly normal for humans to hunt animals and therefore it is ethical as well. Humans are at the top of the food chain. The hunting of animals should be seen as no different that a snake eating a rat or a cat eating a bird. It's natural.

  • It is ethical to hunt animals.

    It is natural for humans to hunt and consume animals. Before large scale animal husbandry, it was common for people to hunt animals. People need meat as a source of food, and if hunting is the only way to get it, this is ethical. Also, other animals hunt each other for food.

  • Yes if done legally

    If you hunt animals legally then there is nothing morally wrong about it. We eat many animals every day of our lives. As long as you are not torturing the animal there is nothing wrong with hunting them. Laws are put in place to make sure hunting is done correctly in the US

  • Hunting Isn't Unethical

    Hunting animals isn't really unethical, and it can be beneficial in many ways. For instance, hunting reduces predatory animal populations. It controls these populations so that they don't grow to unsafe levels. There's nothing wrong with hunting as long as it's done in the right manner while respecting the land.

  • Yes, I believe that it's ethical to hunt animals.

    Yes, I believe that it is ethical to hunt animals. Hunting cuts down on animal populations that might otherwise grow out of control, leading to the entire group of animals having a lower quality life. There are a lot of hunting regulations making sure that animals who are too young or too rare are not hunted.

  • Is it ethical to lock up animals for life?

    Hunting is the most ethical form of getting meat. It's far more ethical than farming (even freerange), where the animals are locked up for life. With hunting, animals live in the wild and have a chance to live, with farming, their fate is sealed. The media just like to show hunting as evil so that the big farming businesses they work for, keep earning money.

  • We thrive because we evolved higher faster.

    Let's be honest now, nobody honestly hunts for food, you hunt for luxury. Meat is more costly than other foods, such as wheat products. People can survive off of packs of ramen, it might not be nice, but its possible. Hunting involves the price for Gas (because you will not find animals outside your hous, because you hunted them all down.), building what ever shelter you plan to hunt in. A gun, and the ammo that you plan to use in it. Bows account for that too. Additionaly the license to hunt. It's soo much cheaper to buy from a store. Then you bring in sport hunting, and just think about that. We evolved faster and developed the technologies that we have today. What if a creature got developped before us? Then we would be getting hunted, and not be able to advance in ANY sort of technology because we cant maintain a stable habitat

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