• Hunting is Ethical

    It is ethical to hunt animals for their pelts. People should not torture animals or be cruel to them but humans can use the animals to have a more productive life. Many people rely on the animal pelts to stay warm in the winters. It also helps control animal populations.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, as long as the populations of these animals is healthy, then there is nothing wrong with hunting them for their pelts. The human race has been doing this for as long as they have been on this earth, and there is nothing wrong with doing this act at all.

  • No, it is not alright and never will be

    No because this question states FOR THE PELT. We need to use the whole animal. It's not fair to hunt FOR THE PELT. That's how many animals got endangered. If you hunt for the whole animal, it's a lot harder to get through. That's why until we only hunted FOR THE PELT. Was when we had the problem.

  • Only if they are going to eat whole animal

    It is not ethical just to hunt animals for their pelts. I have no problem with people hunting animals who are not on the endangered species list. It is also all right to hunt animals for their pelts, as long as they do not waste the rest of the animal. If they are strictly doing it to make money, then the people who are hunting these animals are in the wrong in my opinion.

  • No, not fair to hunt animals for their pelts

    Maybe a hundred years ago when pelts were not a luxury item but a necessity to survive cold winters, hunting animals for their pelts was ethical. But now, hunting animals for their pelts is essentially killing something so a wealthy person can have a fashionable coat. Hunting an animal for food and then taking its pelt is fine, however.

  • No, it is not ethical to hunt animals for their pelts.

    I do not believe that there is anything wrong with hunting animals as long as they're used for food. I do think that animals should not be hunted for the sole reason of killing them as trophies or for things such as their pelt. That is why I think it is unethical to hunt animals for that purpose.

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