• Yes, it is ethical to sell Carlie Hebdo merchandise online.

    Recently, the offices of Charlie Hebdo Magazine, a satirical magazine out of Paris, came underattack by jihadist terrorists leaving several staff members dead. Charlie Hebdo has risen above this attack and continues to put out their starical magazine and sell their merchandise online. To restrict these actions, or to remove the online sales of the merchandise plays into the terrorists hands and leaves us all poorer and cowerig in fear. Free speech and expression must prevail at all costs.

  • No Reason Not To

    Charlie Hebdo merchandise should be sold online - all other items are pretty much available online from everywhere else, so they should be allowed to sell items also. Hopefully some of the profits will go to the families of those directly affected by the terror attacks, and hopefully anything sold will be tasteful and not deliberately inflammatory.

  • It is ethical

    It is ethical to sell the merchandise online because the people who will gain from it financially are mostly the victims -- the business, the magazine, and employees. In addition, such moves should be seen as measures of freedom rather than overly restrictive banning of such things. They would ban this activity in some non-western countries.

  • No, profiting off of a global tragedy is unethical.

    The tragedy that took place regarding Charlie Hebdo is a sad and sensitive tragedy that has affected the world over. This is not the time to profit off of the news hype of a senseless crime while the people of Paris are still in shock, turmoil, and fear. While spreading the news of the tragedy and making the world more aware of what happened is commendable, to do so with cheap merchandise sales online is off-putting and inappropriate. People are in pain and should not be exploited by others for profit.

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