Is it ethical to sell genetically modified chicken as "chicken"?

  • Bigger Chicken= More Chicken

    If we modify our chickens to grow with more meat it provides us more food for a cheaper price to produce. Starvation is a huge problem pretty much world wide and more meat is a good thing. A chicken that has been modified is still a chicken. It's just fatter and cheaper.

  • It is better chicken.

    Yes, it is ethical to sell genetically modified chicken as chicken, because it is still chicken, except that it is better. Chicken is still good, even if it has been modified to be bigger, or juicier, or to have more flavor. Those who do not want it called chicken just want to pass judgment and control those who are selling it.

  • We all are

    What does genetically modified even mean- we're all, in some way, genetically modified. People's genetic code actually changes a bit over their lifetime, contrary to what many believe (even twins become genetically less similar over their life). A modification to the genetic code of a chicken does not make them not chickens.

  • Yes, it is still chicken.

    Yes, it is ethical to sell genetically modified chicken as chicken, because an animal does not change species just because it is changed. Genetic modifications make food better. If a producer wants to advertise that their food is not genetically modified, they can do that. But those who do modify their chicken can still call them chicken.

  • Is it really chicken?

    If you buy GM chicken, is it really chicken? They add all of those steroids and hormones to make their chickens larger, apparently "healthier" too. But is that really good to do that? What if those steroids or hormones go wrong and cause cancer or something bad? What are you going to do then? It's always best to buy ORGANIC food and not GM food at all.

  • GM Chicken isn't Real Chicken

    At this point in time, we shouldn't sell genetically modified chicken and label it as ordinary chicken. Labeling is required to differentiate these modified chickens so that consumers know what they are really consuming. While GMO foods might not pose a threat to humans, nobody actually knows whether that's actually the case.

  • Genetically Modified Chicken Should Be Labeled As Such

    Genetically modified chicken should be labeled as what it is so as to warn people what they are purchasing and consuming. Because genetically modified foods are not the primary source of human sustenance, the foods should be labeled in a way that alerts consumers as to how they are manufactured and produced, just as organic food is labeled. This way, people can make their own decisions as to what to purchase, so long as the option is available.

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