Is it ethical to spank children with the intentions of instilling moral values on them?

Asked by: Jelliminelli
  • In certain circumstances.

    If the kid is a bit crabby from being tired, and starts to talk back, no. If the kid is squirmy, no.
    But if the kid is having a temper tantrum, it is up to the parents (or other caregiver), really. A babysitter should ask the parents how they punish their child, because some are harsher than others, which is fine to an extent. Some parents don't believe in violence (for a number of reasons) and therefore, refuse to spank their kid, which some might consider babying, but really it isn't. It's just a different way to discipline kids. And sometimes, spanking becomes an ineffective form of punishment.
    A kid shouldn't be subject to others spanking him or her because of something they would normally get put in time out for.
    It depends on the parents and how they wish to discipline their child(ren), but like I said, certain circumstances.

  • It really depends but i'm on a "yes" side

    For me i was raised by getting spanked and it taught me alot. But it depends on the personality of the children, if it has strong personality then yes, it can work but if the kid has weak personality then no. I think parents should spend all their free time with their children and talk with them, maybe let them play violent games BUT afterwards talk with them about what they think about the content and with that you can raise child easily.

  • Kids should be spank, if that's what you prefer

    Ones you spank a kid you tell them what they did wrong, and hopefully (if you raising your kid right) they won't do it again. It is also wrong to spank if you don't explain to the kid why you're doing the spanking. There is no right and wrong way to raise a child, it's more on your preference of your own parenting style (because you have to remember kids are kids, they can't be reason with like an adult)

  • Rigid sense of morality

    Physical punishment instills a rigid sense of morality. When the child grows up, they will likely have just the sense of morality that there parents taught them to have, and not dare to question it due to being emotionally scarred.

    If on the other hand, they are raised with other forms of punishments such as being grounded, or having items confiscated, they will be able to think that it is unfair, and question the morals there parents taught them without being afraid of physical consequences.

    I think that this is important because if nobody questioned the morals there parents gave them, we wouldn't advance very far morally as a society.

  • Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

    Teaching a child to behave a certain way by threatening them with pain is no way to raise them. Children are not pets, and do not need to be hit to learn what is okay and what isn't. Positive reinforcement is by far a better method of instilling values into a child. For that matter, so is setting an example with your own behavior. Teaching them to use violence to get what they want from others isn't exactly a moral value.

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