Is it ethical to use unborn animal fetuses for scientific research?

  • I do believe it is ethical to use unborn animals for scientific research if it will help with a noble cause.

    As long as the animal that is providing the unborn fetuses is not subjected to any major pain and undo stress then using the fetus is ethical to me. I feel if the research is being used for a noble cause such as curing diseases or major medical issues and not to see if make-up works or not then it is fine and it should be done. There really isn't any other way to do experiments for certain things with true outcomes if you do not use something that is close to a humans system.

    Posted by: GratefulLaurence97
  • Yes, of course it doen't matter

    I think it does't matter because they are made to help human beings.This is also one way to help human beings actually this earth is made for humans not for animals.The world has done many promotions due to these researches if you want world to be as as it was 2,000,000 years ago.
    Then it is your thought if you want to sacrifice you for research then what can i do.

  • Yes, if it helps end human suffering and doesn't kill off species.

    Animals were given to the earth to help humans, physically (they were for our food and for our play and our stress relief), mentally, and spiritually. Now that we don't need them for food to be healthy, they should help to ease our suffering, which is what they did when we were starving to death.

  • If it's ethical to use live animals, then what defines the difference?

    This question also relies on whether someone thinks it ethical to do research on live animals. There is no difference between the fetus and the animal itself. I, personally, wish that this research was not being conducted on animals. But, I also know that, in some instances, it may be necessary. I am fine with animals as a food source, as it has always been. But, I don't agree with the inhumane treatment of animals for research or any other pursuits.

    Posted by: Ment0n3
  • Because unborn animals do not have any rights and are already dead, I do think it is ethical to use them for scientific research.

    I do not see any ethical complications in using dead animal fetuses for scientific research. Live animals can actually feel what is happening to them, but do not have the rights necessary to avoid being used for scientific research. So, it seems far more ethical to use animal fetuses that are already dead.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • If it is considered ethical to abort human fetuses, so why is this even an issue?

    In America, where abortion is legal, and a human fetus is destroyed in its mother's womb, there should be no question as to whether using unborn animal fetuses for research purposes is allowable. That same reasoning should apply to animal fetuses and, even more so, since many people believe in the sanctity of unborn human life.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • I think it is fine to use unborn animal fetuses, including human fetuses, for scientific research, because it is the only way to stay ahead with our scientific research.

    The only way we are going to get ahead in science is by taking a risk. The first people who decided to cut bodies open to learn more, or to heal, were considered crazy and mad, yet, look where it has gotten us. Without taking risks like these, we will stagnate and not move forward scientifically.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • I do feel that utilizing animals in scientific research is necessary in order to preserve human life.

    Though it definitely seems cruel, I believe that this type of research is necessary for not only the greater good of human kind, but also for the preservation of animals. Scientific research can aid in discovering all kinds of information, including everything from cures, to causes of diseases, in both animals and humans.

    Posted by: FanaticalAvery71
  • I'm indifferent, but I would like to voice this.

    I'm just wondering here. Why would you do this? I read the debate over whether it was ethical or unethical to kill human fetuses, and if it is such a huge problem to kill unborn humans, than why is it fine to kill unborn animals? Animals have feelings too. Perhaps they don't speak English or spinach to tell us, but if you own a dog, you know it loves you. You know when an animal is pregnant or has a child, that animal loves it. What is so different between an animal and us? The nerve of some people. But again, I'm merely voicing an opinion. I do believe the research is necessary to how we develop, but I do not like how some people will be so hypocritical by saying taking a child from a human mother is terrible, yet taking one from an animal is no big deal. The nerve of some people.

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Funny how when you substitute animals for humans the green and red bars switch.
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