Is it even possible anymore to reach true equality among everyone, even with biological differences?

Asked by: Bluepaintcan123
  • Oh yea ,

    The guy who wrote leviathan, Thomas Hobbs.
    He explains that were all so different, in size, strength, intelligence, not enough that one will stand over all the rest, but enough in a individual level.
    There is one thing he points out that all men are equal in, and I love it..

    We are all equal in prejudice. We look down on others, put our selves in a higher pedestal, envy, resent, greed.
    No one man is any more holier than the other, it is just a matter of control, and how much you show at that point.

  • Yes do agree

    If This CORRUPTION AND PRIDE IS GONE from people's heart and thinking then equality can live for a longer time period in all races. What we humans need to do is have a board and open mind instead of a conservative mind. If we think more openly rather than be biased then equality can exist because no one is born with inequality.

  • Its a natural instinct to aware of different people

    Even though education has always told children and many people that racism or discrimination is bad, as children grow up they will still be less comfortable around different looking people. Its natural instinct. In history when white people invaded their colonies. The native people were afraid and started attacking them. Of course now in the modern world, everyone is more civilised but that doesn't stop us from thinking differently. Although you tell yourself to be equal to everyone around you, your thoughts and emotions will give you different decisions. For example, if you just came into this world the first time and there were only two people in front of you. One of them looks similar to you while the other looks completely different, which would you choose? If it was me I would choose the one that looked similar to me because I feel more at ease and comfortable. Of course that doesn't mean that its true, its just human instinct. Furthermore, even though everyone tries to treat everyone equally, their thoughts will tell a different story so I don't think everyone will treat everyone as equally. Furthermore, even though the majority try to be equal, there will always be at least one person that is unequal. Because everyone had different perspectives and opinions. I mean even in this question raises different opinions because our mindsets and thoughts are all different. Therefore no, I don't think that equality will be fully possible among everyone and if it is, its not a true equality thinking but more of a forced action.

  • Differences will always affect the way people see you.

    I have serious doubts that there will be a time when race isn't a factor in anything, especially bias. The moment we see something different in another person, we automatically make inferences on them even if we don't consider ourselves racist. Just like with age personality and gender, we will always prefer one over the other, which will impair our judgment when we assume something that is actually wrong about a person. The best we can do is make sure there aren't any people who treat a person of a different race badly, or some rare species we've never seen.

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