• If It is In Self Defense

    Violence is wrong whether a man is doing it or a woman. However, people have a right to defend themselves within reason. If a person is attacked, regardless of gender, they have a right within reason to defend themselves. Not all men are stronger than women and not all women are weaker than men. The bottom line is neither gender should be hitting one another but one has the right to defend themself.

  • In Self Defense

    The same goes for men. Either sex can physically retaliate to the other in the case of physical aggression on the part of the other. Simple equality.

    However, if you subscribe to "A man should never hit a woman", than you need to be on the no side. However, your side is deficient in that it doesn't account for the inevitable physical aggression from members of both sexes. Thus, you deny everyone the right to self defense.

  • It should be both ways

    I support the statement that a man should be able to hit a woman under certain circumstances. When she's harming you without good reason for example, you should be able to hit her back. The same should be the other way around. For example, when a woman is being raped, she sure the hell should be able to hit the rapist.

  • A woman's point of view

    I am sick and tired of men and women posting things that make women seem weak. I get that it's not okay for a man to just beat a woman but he can sure as hell hit one. It's not okay for women to slap men and think they can just get away with it. We do things just as bad as anybody else. Sure I'm not thrilled whenever a man hits me but I'm not going to run to the police and say its abuse. If I deserve I deserve it point blank.

  • Yes, in two situations.

    The first situation is as a friendly bout of sparing whether it is between friends or as training/sport (e.G. Doing martial arts, etc.) in a controlled environment. The hitting here would not be full out and would not be aimed at hurting the man in any way shape or form. In the friendly sparing/tussling there would be no real force behind the hits (so whether you would call them hits is up for debate) and in the sport/training the punches/hits would pack some force, but I don't think they would pack as much force as needed. In any case, neither cases are allowing a woman to hit a man for an immoral reason.

    The second situation where it would be acceptable for a woman to hit a man would deb in self defence is absolutely necessary. Being a woman myself, I am not going to just stand around and wait for a man to abuse me without defending myself and if my fists are all I have then my fists are what I will use to get myself out of that situation as fast as possible. It is legal to hit someone in self defence by law in any case so that one can get out of a dangerous situation as fast as possible with as least harm to oneself as possible.

    So yes, in those two situations as mentioned above it is acceptable for a woman to hit a man (and vice versa). However, apart from those situations it is not acceptable at all.

  • There are situations

    Where it is acceptable for a woman to hit a man, however I disagree with hitting people in general. I think it's okay in self dense only e.g. if he's mugging her or attacking her in some other way.
    If she's hitting him because she's jealous, she's angry or otherwise being abusive.

  • Perhaps not in public, but in times of war, women can hit men

    I think the general idea here is that if a woman is defending something dear to her, which is truly hers, and not another man's, it is ok to hit a man. And especially in times of war, even traditionally if a "strong willed" woman was confronted by an enemy, self defense is fine.

  • Yes, in self-defense.

    Yes, it is acceptable for a woman to hit a man, if she is acting in self-defense. The same is true for a man. They are free to hit a woman or another man, if they need to in order to act in self-defense. A lot of times, people claim self-defense when they could have left, or they are otherwise responsible for escalating an argument. But true self defense makes force acceptable.

  • Equality, means quality, don't hit if you don't want to get hit

    Don't dish it if you aren't willing to take it. So by all means swing, bata bata, swing. If she is in danger, or if not it doesn't matter. Just know that just as you can dish, it means you can take it.

    Otherwise it wouldn't be equality. Rule of thumb is don't be stupid and don't hit anybody if you don't want to get hit back. If one dude hits another dude, there is a fight, if a woman hits a man and a man fights back there is a lawsuit...Why?

    Posted by: N711
  • I don't like hitting

    I don't like hitting but oppose sexism. As a Christian I oppose trying to hurt people under any circumstances for myself, but it is part of sports like boxing. Women should be allowed equal opportunity in sports. At least where there is no venue for women boxing, they should be allowed to box with men.

  • Not okay at all.

    If a man can't hit a woman, then a woman should not be able to hit a man. That means equality for all, and no more of the feminism krap, and it also means we should treat both genders the same, as the other one. I'm tired of people saying a man should never hit a woman, but its ok for a woman to hit a man. That is all.

  • I personally believe that it isn’t ever acceptable for a woman to hit a man.

    I personally believe that it isn’t ever acceptable for a
    woman to hit a man. Society teaches us
    from a young age that it is never acceptable for a man to hit a woman, so it is
    only fitting that the opposite is true.
    If women don’t want men to hit them, then they shouldn’t hit men.

  • By the literal standards of equality.....

    Any good enough reason for a Woman to hit a Man is also by definition of equality...Good enough reason for a Man to hit a Woman. Anyone who says otherwise is a hypocrite and most likely one of the vast majority that bastardized the feminist movement into a one sided equality War that has all but guaranteed the extinction of true Men in this society. I wonder how those feminists will feel the first time they see their supposed Man squatting to pee.

  • It works both ways.

    Why should a woman get to hit a man without any consequences but a man can't? It's not fair! My Mum tells me to never hit a woman no matter what. So if a woman beats a man until they bleed, they can't hit back? But if a man beats a woman until they bleed, they can hit back? Women need to stop thinking they are protected and realize this: Woman hits man=they become a hero
    Man hit woman=they deserve to go to prison.
    If a woman hits a man, they should be prepared to get hit back. GENDER EQUALITY!!!

  • This argument is so stupid.

    Violence is violence, no matter who commits it. You should only hit someone if they are really being a jerk or if it's in self-defense. Men and women should face the same consequences for hitting each other. If a woman abuses a man, she should be punished. If a man abuses a woman, he should be punished. End. Of. Story.

  • It is never okay to hit anyone

    It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman the only time it would be okay to fight is in self defense or within a professional sport other than that it is not okay to hit anyone for no reason and if you do hit someone expect to be hit back, everything has a risk and a reward but some things are just not worth the risk

  • Nope, nice try.

    -Only hit someone in a sport or life and death situation, do exceptions.
    -If "that dress looks fat on you", don't hit the guy, or guys.
    -If your a woman and you hit a man, EXPECT to get hit back.
    -Really? You said yes? If you did, and you know most of the info, don't follow this double standard, can't even believe a Christian is...

    P.S. : if you believe in equality, and you said yes, your going against your own beliefs.

  • No, it's not right to hit people.

    Hitting people is not a good way to fight. It doesn't solve anything, and things may just escalate, with a woman likely being easily overpowered by a man physically. The only reason it would be acceptable would be in self-defense, to try and save herself, but in most instances, hitting isn't going to solve anything.

  • It is never acceptable for a woman to hit a man.

    It is never acceptable for a woman to hit a man. Just like a man is never ever supposed to hit a woman. I think that this should work both ways and it is not right for the two of them to ever get into a fight at all ever.

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