• Elephants r funny to me!

    I like to watch animals on TV. THey do lots of funny stuff and looks like people. Sometimes a bird can be really mad about some thing or you can see a snake doing a kewl dance. One time I saw a dolfin on TV and he liked to play wit ADOG! I alos think that the conservation and preservation of our fellow lifeforms on this planet can be a delicate balancing act of respecting the sanctity of wilderness, Even while leveraging our innate human fascination with other species to gain political will for animal causes, In the way that enjoying a zoo can feel immoral, Even when one knows that the money one spends and the animals themselves are a part of a larger project to raise collective awareness, Conduct crucial research, And even directly to revive endangered species. So in conclusion, I leik aninals coz they r funny.

  • I say yes

    I am a person. I am allowed to give my opinion. You aren't allowed to tell me not to give my opinion. I maybe think differently from you but every person is allowed to give their opinion. Also before you report me, i have a very important message to tell you. The llamas are coming. You can't run. You can't hide. Save your children. They are going to kill us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, captive animals generally have safe and pleasant lives

    Dogs and cats benefit greatly from their association with humans.
    They are fed when they are hungry and taken care of when they are ill. Compare
    their lives to those of alley cats and stray dogs. Zoo and circus animals,
    similarly, live longer than their wild cousins. Their health is looked after, they
    need fear neither predator nor famine, and they are groomed and petted.
    Certainly they may have to sing for their supper, but who does not?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Animals need a purpose too, especially if they are the type of animal who has been in captivity for centuries. Dogs, for example, love to run those obstacle courses and people love watching them do it. That is good entertainment for both person and dog, and is nothing like the entrapment of elephants or whales.

  • If animals are taken care of in return, entertainment use is fine.

    It is acceptable for animals to be used for entertainment provided the animals are not harmed. Animals can reap a benefit for being circus performers, for example, by having food and shelter taken care of by humans. Many of these kinds of animals would otherwise be killed by other animals in the wild.

  • Yes, under certain circumstances.

    I think it is acceptable to use animals for entertainment under certain conditions. Horses entertain people in rodeos, dolphins perform aquatic maneuvers for entertainment, and dogs perform tricks for dog biscuits. These animals are trained to perform and rewarded with treats. They are not harmed or mistreated. I think some of them may actually enjoy performing.

  • Of Course It Is

    I believe there are many examples of acceptable uses for animals in entertainment. Animals receive special laws guarding their safe keeping when involved with the entertainment business in Hollywood and often other forms of entertainment. There are many ways animals can be used in entertainment with absolutely no harm to the animal at all.

  • Animals are not entertainment

    Animals have a right to be free. For example killer whales are forced into place like sea world where they swim in a tiny pond compared to the great big ocean. Even animals in shows such as the circus are trained to act a specific way. When animals are trained, they are changed to think that human are their master whom are whipping or bribing them.

  • No, animals should not be held in captivity for entertainment purposes!

    It has been proven that animals live longer in the wild. Animals are not meant to make money and entertain people. Animals are always miserable because they are being forced to do something to make money for humans. Would you like it if animals or other people were using you to make money? Animals should not be held in captivity for entertainment.

  • Animals have their own agenda. To leave their homes and perform in ridiculous costumes for our entertainment isn't on the list.

    Some argue that animals suffer in the wild. I beg to differ. Natural predation is called "natural predation" for a reason: it's just the way of the biological world. All animals deserve the rights to hunt, Compete for food, Be free, And have sex. Would any of you, Those who care about nonhuman living things, Take away those rights from an animal just to keep yourself entertained? Even if they don't suffer, They won't know what they are, For example, A cheetah raised apart from her own species would be unable to interact with another cheetah. All living things have these rights, And it doesn't matter that we have bigger brains and better thumbs; in the end, We still need to respect it.

    I will remain silent however, On dog shows and horse shows. I don't have enough information on those topics.

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