Is it ever acceptable for the pursuit of knowledge to override human morality?

  • Yes, it can Help Us in the Long Run

    Morality is something we, as humans, created. It's a way to keep order. Don't kill, because what good does killing do when you can get more from them alive? Give to the needy, because if you were needy you would want someone to give to you. Beneficial stuff.

    But crossing the "morality" line can also be beneficial in science. Such as when they grew a human ear on a rat. Some say animal testing is unethical- but I say, so long as it's not torture, it progresses humanity.

  • Knowledge Can't Trump Morality

    The pursuit of knowledge should never trump human morality. If people are willing to ignore morals in favor of knowledge, then they are willing to harm other human beings in terrible ways. Morality keeps society in a decently acceptable place. Too much knowledge can lead to human atrocities like the ones perpetrated throughout history.

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