• Yes, If you have a moral objection to it

    The government has no right to control you or anything you do. The very basis of humanity lies on being able to think independently and determine for yourself what is right or wrong. As far as I’m concerned, You should do whatever you want as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else in the process.

  • Personally only in self defense or in the defense of others

    If some one pulls a gun on you or a family member or even just a random person and you have a gun that you are aloud to carry then you should have every right to kill that person who pulled the gun to defend the life of the innocent.

  • When laws are unjust

    In the past laws have been broken in order to reform society to be less discriminatory. For example, The law stated that homosexual relationships & marriage was illegal, In america there were the jim crow laws. Obviously that was over 50 years ago, But nevertheless, When laws are unjust it is morally acceptable to break them. Even today many countries' laws discriminate and are broken simply because a person wants equal and fair rights.

  • Its sometimes ok to break the law if theres absolutely no choice. In other words a life or death manner, then its fine i suppose

    But some people take this freedom a bit too far, they vandalise , murder and damage very high damage. How is that saving anyone? The best thing to do is be like the NHS paramedics and do a peaceful protest. What good is violence? I mean come one?! Think!! Think!!

  • In some cases it is okay

    For the most part it is never acceptable to break the law. In a few cases it may be okay to do so but laws are here to protect us. If you break the law you could put other innocent people in danger. Without laws there is no freedom. We are able to have freedom because we know that everyone will remain sain because there are laws in place. The only reason the law should ever be broken by someone was if it was necessary to stay alive or to defeat injustice. The law should protect everyone and if it's not doing that whether it be due to oppression or survival, it is ok to break it.

  • Why not .

    Because i do what i want when i want. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . .

  • Yes. But only to defeat oppression.

    If a law has to be broken in order to pursue knowledge then science is restricted. Laws cannot be maintained which do so unless society can be segregated into civil and criminal because the violators will be more empowered than the law abiders. This is OK however if the outlawed action is evil. Even empowered evil doers can be isolated. If it is not evil then society is preserved by the law breakers.

  • Yes. That is how laws get changed.

    The law is based on science and therefore science comes first. If while pursuing scientific knowledge you have to break the law then if just has to be broken. This happens in wars anyway. One country restricts freedom of science and the other uses science to blow up the oppressors. But in any war before victory there must be silence.

  • It is ok

    If you disagree morally with the law then it is okay to break it. We don't live in a theocratic society. The government cannot impose their morals onto us. If the president doesn't believe that women should have the right to get an abortion, they cannot impose that belief onto every woman in america.

  • Yes when challenging injustice

    Obviously it depends on the Law, I would hope we would all agree for instance that no one should ever rape anyone. However minor crimes that fall under civil disobedience for the purpose of challenging something you feel to be fundamentally unjust. Is not only okay in my opinion, but essential for the continued functioning of a "just" state. Take those challenging racially discriminating state laws in southern states of America in the 1960's or in South Africa during aperthide.

  • No not really.

    It is almost never acceptable to break the law. Most of the laws are there to protect us and others so breaking it can cause pain for many different people. No matter the crime it is better to avoid it and learn a legal way to do it than risk getting hurt.

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  • Laws resolve arguments.

    I agree that laws should never be broken under any circumstances because laws are there to keep us safe and are meant to help us. And yeah sure some laws may a bit unnecessary but they weren’t just created for no reason, And people need to respect that because if there were no laws or if people just break the laws then what’s going to stop people from stealing and hurting each other?

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  • Read this now

    It is never okay to break the law because you could danger someone when you decide to break the law. If everyone in the world did not follow the laws that are set, our world would be dangerous. Certain laws are set for a certain reason. If life or death situation, call the police. Laws are set for a reason so follow them. Remember everyone has a different opinion!

  • It is not ok to break the Law.

    I understand that it is good to save someone's life. I'm not a bad person, these are just the LAWS that we are talking about.Even if you are saving someone's life you are still breaking the rules like the murder trying to kill the person you are trying to save.

  • No way never

    I went in a bus lane before when an ambulance went past and the next day I got a letter through with a fine but luckily the ambulance was in the picture I was basically helping someone survive and if the ambulance wasn't in the picture I would have got a fine

  • It's okay to break the law if necesarry

    It can be okay.Just like other people said,some people may do it to hurt someone but if you actually have to break the law in a emmergency,it can be okay to break the law to help someone else to break it.Don't feel like you can't break it if is wrong but for a good cause

  • Not in a million years

    The laws are there to protect us so why would people stop that. Also we have human rights for a reason which is also to protect us witch nobody should have the rights to stop. People who commit a crime when always hurt people around them witch it never okay

  • No, explaining away reasons to break the law would create anarchy.

    Laws are important, because they keep society functioning in such a way that no one's rights are being violated. As an example, someone who is starving may feel it's okay to steal money from someone. But that's infringing on the other person's rights. If we explain away the things that keep us from breaking the law, it will lead to chaos. Laws are important because, even if you don't happen to like them, they protect society.

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