Is it ever acceptable to burn the American Flag as a show of protest?

  • It's a flag; not a person. Burn it if you need to.

    The American flag has some kind of sacred place in a lot of people's heads - but the truth is, it's just a flag. It's mass produced in plastic, town up and printed on people's clothing and misused and reshaped daily in cheap and tacky tourist places. I believe that it has more of a place in political debate - even while being burned - than it does on someone's underwear. Until it stops being abused in such a way I think it is perfectly acceptable to burn a flag in a show of protest so long as the cause is actually meaningful to America and not merely for grabbing attention - it is an act that should be considered gravely before being done.

    Posted by: DuaneAir
  • Yes, because it is our constitutional right to do so.

    Although personally I rather abhor seeing a US flag being burned, it is our right as Americans to do so if we want to, as part of our freedom of expression. It is one of the most fundamental rights we have in this country, it is a big part of what makes the United States so unique. We can say what we want, read what we want, and desecrate an iconic American symbol if we want.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • Screw Trump and his racist followers

    The flag represents hate, dishonesty, discrimination, war, and disunity. Therefore, we should burn it. The flag does not represent "soldiers fighting for our country". Even if it did, ever wonder why America is always going into other countries and killing innocent men, women, and children? Because we believe that it is the only way to protect ourselves from an angry crowd of people who hate us. But why do so many countries hate us? Because we are a selfish country that does not even care about half the people living here; and that includes legal citizens who are labeled the "minority". Look at what we have done. Children are taught history at school so we do not repeat our nation's shameful moments. Then we go against what America was supposed to stand for and elect a cheeto for president. Idiots. Meanwhile, every other country laughs at us because we contradict ourselves all the time. It is so hilarious!

  • It's ones right to exercise freedom of speech, plus that flag also represents what is also wrong with the country

    It's ones constitutional right of freedom of speech, and they have the right to burn the flag. Burning the flag is also a form of peaceful protest, as it is not targeting any specific group, race, culture or religion, but instead targets the country and what is currently wrong with whatever social, political or economical event occurring.

    Posted by: camk
  • Freedom of expression

    To me the flag means a symbol of America, when people are so dissapointed with there country that they feel the need to burn the flag then so be it. It's a flag, burning it means just taking a stand, to me burning the flag just means exercising your first amendment

  • It really is just cloth

    Due to the recent election I would gladly burn 10 flags to show my rage at racists. Would I burn the flag in public to show my hatred for Trump? No. For racists, you better believe it. My entire life I never understand the love for America or its conductor of hate and wars, the flag. And that's why today and since I was 6 years old, I would stomp, burn, and send it to Mexico to show my independence and stance against the evil and corruption in this world. Don't like it, that's why we have freedom speech my friend!

  • Have y'all forgotten about the First Amendment?

    The bottom line is that burning the flag is covered by the First Amendment. It's people exercising their right to freedom of expression. If you want to tell me that that's not what the First Amendment means, okay. However, that's a slippery slope. Next, people will be saying that you can't criticize the government, or that we no longer have the right to peaceful protest. That Constitution that the people who are so outraged by flag burning hold dear? It's the very thing that protects other's rights to do just that. It's not like it's a direct attack on America. It's just another form of protest, and isn't hurting anyone.

  • Oh noes they burn something that was made in china

    If your ''pride'' of your country can be overcome by a piece of cloth that's on fire then you need to get the hell over it and get real, I'd shit, piss, trample and burn ANY countries flag so that includes mine, wanna know why? Because it's a piece if cloth ''the soldiers Fourth for what the flag represents'', no the soldiers fight for the rich people who decide wars, and a couple of years ago they fought for oil killing THOUSANDS of innocent civilians, you want to defend that? Ok be my guest but don't get angry when people burn your flag for such stupidity.

  • Repeal the First Amendment?

    Might as well repeal the First Amendment if flag burning is ever criminalized....I remember watching the video of the graduate student from Louisiana State University who burned the American flag and then tried to deliver a speech. He was surrounded by a very hostile mob. And a small army of police officers to protect him. If it had just been him versus that angry mob, he would have been killed. No doubt about it. That took some guts.

    I'm conflicted on this issue of flag burning. I served in the U.S. Navy. And I continued to serve long after being honorably discharged in 1999. In 2006 and 2007, I walked a total of close to 2,000 miles across parts of this country carrying the American flag. And now, I find myself siding with the protesters who would dare burn that flag.....

  • Patriots who love America burn flags.

    Flag Burning is a patriotic act done by people who care deeply enough about our freedoms to challenge the government when it becomes a threat to the people.

    Our forefathers did not fight and die to preserve the flag, but rather they fought and died to protect our right to burn it, just as our founding fathers did to the British flag. The burning of the flag is an act that asserts the right of the people over the government. The denial of the right to burn the flag is the assertion of the government to rule the people. America is ruled by the people, not the government, and it is in fact our patriotic duty, at this juncture to assert that duty.

  • Cant believe my dad lost his life defending <<< those people.

    Flags are just pieces of cloth?! Tell that to my father who lost his life to defend that "piece of cloth." If you want to burn our national symbol of freedom, then maybe you don't deserve that right. So go to another country where you cant even express your own opinion at all. If the values are worth fighting for, the symbol and embodiment of those values deserve to be protected.

  • It is never acceptable to burn an American flag as a show of protest, because of what the flag represents.

    It is never acceptable to burn an American flag as a show of protest, because it represents the United States of America. Burning the flag is an attack on America. We have other legal means of registering protest. Anyone burning the flag is anti-American and should be treated as such. Americans burning the flag should be treated as terrorists.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • Not being a civilized person.

    The flag symbolizes a country. Burning a flag of a country is a disrespectful act. No matter how you disagree with a country's policy, the act of burning its flag already shows that you are not being rational. In my opinion, protesting is an act of people after rational thinking and it's an act of showing disagreement in a rational way.

  • There are many other ways to show your freedom of speech

    There is no point in burning our nation's flag. The flag should not be used to get a point across. Freedom of speech means "speech" -- words to be used to express how you feel. I don't see anywhere that says you can burn the United States flag as a form of freedom and liberty. It minimizes the hardships our nation took to get to where we are today. How dare our own American people burn such a symbol! We wouldn't be happy if another nation burned the flag, so why are we doing it?

  • No, it is never acceptable to burn the American Flag as a show of protest as it is a traitorous and unpatriotic thing to do.

    There are other ways to protest than to burn the American Flag. Burning it shows disrespect to the country, treachery, lack of patriotism and no sense of community. Such acts should never be committed and should not be tolerated either.

    Posted by: danoneeno
  • Its disrespectful and un-american like

    I am in the service and i feel disrespected by the fact that any American citizen would dare think about burning the flag. I love the freedom we have and i will continue to fight for every American citizen alive and even those that have passed away. I feel like anyone who thinks its ok to burn the flag, should be punished if caught and should get the heck out of the united states, cause the flag is very symbolic to our freedom and i would never dare want to see it be burned.

  • It is never tolerable to burn the American flag.

    It is never tolerable to burn the American flag. The American flag is a symbol of the United States of America. Burning the American flag is not respectful to all of the men and women who died so people in America can be free.

  • Its Our Symbol of Freedom

    If it weren't for what the flag represents none of us would be here or be able to even argue about this topic. Just because its in the constitution does not make it right. Think about it, if you were a soldier or veteran you would not be very happy if your fellow Americans were burning what you fought to protect just to get their point across in a protest.

    Posted by: Zack
  • Not at all

    Why would you burn something that represent freedom and freedom of speech. That is stupid. Our nation is a one of a kind. We can express our opinion without having to destroy something that men and woman of our nation died under. You speak of freedom of speech then burn it to the ground. That is a hiporcrit speaking. I feel sorry for the ones that died for this country and seeing what their fellow country men our doing to a flag they fought to protect. The only reason we live in a day that we live in is because they protected us.

  • Leave our country!

    The very freedom that one enjoys; the right to protest without being shot or imprisoned...Our veterans fought, our soldiers fight today for each and every American to have these rights among other privileges. Want to burn the symbol which represents this? Go live else where. Nobody is making anyone stay, respect those that have fought and died for freedom and for this country and LEAVE! Just go, the majority of Americans respect the flag and anyone who burns it is risking a beat-down anyway. Besides, what is one accomplishing from it anyway? Its stupid and pointless, you don't get nothing from it but disgust by others. Your not cool, your not making your point, you just look....Well, stupid. It's NEVER ok to burn the flag. Speak up for what you believe in but don't forget the ones who fought and died or who are currently risking their lives to give you that same freedom to do so.

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