Is it ever acceptable to speak ill of the dead?

Asked by: Baldwin
  • Hitler is dead

    There is always some structure of society that doesn't want one thing while another wants something completely different. This is no different. People who die don't immediately become saints. The placement of some of the dead above the living is disheartening to say the least. This babbling was to make up 50 words so i could post this.

  • People are entitled to the first amendment.

    Even if the person is dead, people should still be allowed to be able to criticize or complain about someone who has died and not be looked badly upon. Being dead doesn't change what they did in life to deserve criticism, and it should not be an excuse to deter people who have had a grievance with that individual.

  • Not at the funeral

    Say whatever you like. I don't care if you disrespect people, however the funeral is a celebration of that individual, save it for afterwards. We speak badly of the dead all the bloody time, read a book on Hitler, John C. Calhoun, or Andrew Jackson. The discussion of the dead should be more involved with their ideas

  • Forcing people to bottle their emotions

    It just seems like a cheap way of silencing someone else's opinion. However I'm not saying we should support or condone The Westboro Baptist Church. Because obviously, there should be some considerations when speaking ill of a dead person. I just believe that negative feelings can still linger after a person dies. And our emotional well being should be more important than outdated moral philosophies.

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