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  • Intolerance is a sin!

    As a Christian, I believe in "live and let live". If I have a right to my beliefs and practices, Then so does everybody else. Gj g gihgirh ihrfgidrhfgirhfgirf ghirf ghrfigh ri hrigh ri hgri rghri hrgi hgirg hrgih girh girg hdrgih rgih rgig hrgi hrgi rghirg higdhrgirgh8rgyh gh dirghirghirg hrgj irghirgh rgi hgihrgd

  • No this isn't okay

    No one should have to be forced to believe in ANYTHING. It's wrong and not needed. A little story my friend came up to me, handed me a book of mormon, and said
    "Read a chapter a night. You need to be religious to go to heaven. If your not you are wrong." I didn't find that right one bit. I like who I am and no one really needs to be religious.

  • It's never appropriate.

    I am christian and but wasn't raised by a christian family. I was taught by my partner about God. He didn't force it onto me but just talked about it when I said it was okay. I believe no one should be forced into anything. We all need to have our free will. Forcing someone into religion only gives that religion a bad name. No one wants to be forced into anything and I believe the best way of teaching some one is to not say "Hey! We are going to sit you down in church against your own free will and teach you about Jesus!" But teach them if they want to be taught. If they don't want to be taught, they aren't going to listen anyway. Everyone has the right to do as they please as long as it doesn't hurt others.

  • It is technically impossible.

    No one can be "forced" to believe anything. Therefore, this question is irrelevant. However, people can be coerced into proclaiming a belief, though they may still be disinclined to truly accept the belief. I do believe that the practice of attempting to force beliefs on someone is morally wrong. However, no one can be truly forced into adhering to any belief.

  • No It Is Not

    I do not believe it is ever appropriate to force people to believe in God. People can now access all the information they could possibly want on religion and people shouldn't feel obligated to force their beliefs on other people. Evangelizing should be left in the past, people should have the right to chose and develop their own beliefs.

  • Forcing God on People is not Right

    It is never appropriate to force religion on anyone. We live in a society of diversity of opinion, thought and practice. In this society many people are allowed to choose between many gods and who they worship in their own homes is their decision. Forcing people is against the constitutional freedoms we all have.

  • It is Not Appropriate to Force People to Believe in God

    Religion is a choice. Forcing people to believe in God goes against the idea of free will and free choice. It is not very likely that one can force an idea on another in any circumstance and forcing people to believe in God would ultimately be futile as a person's beliefs are his own.

  • No Force Needed

    It would never be appropriate. God is something that you just have to believe in you will never be able to force someone to believe in something that they do not believe in. Plus are you even able to force someone to believe in something. The main point is that God is something that you should want to believe but not forced.

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