Is it ever moral to show hostility to someone who never caused harm?

Asked by: jtightlips24
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  • What... What??? WHAT?!!?!

    I'm just here to raise my points and such. So I guess I'll just type about nonsense till I reach 50 words. Oh it looks like I'm halfway there. I just need twenty more words now... But seriously this is the worst question I've ever seen on this website... So far....

  • NEVER NEVER most foul to call such a thing moral

    I understand if someone caused harm, and you show hostility. However I can never possibly justify harming someone over some moralistic bs. But people think they are entitled to for political, or Religious reasons. Like the DEA, Nazi's, Westboro Baptist, ect. I dont give a care about your moralistic beliefs, but I will never give any moral credit to harming the innocent

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