Is it ever morally acceptable to increase water pollution if doing so would sharply decrease other polluting processes?

  • Good environmental management must acknowledge many priorities

    Solving the interconnected problems of pollution requires us to acknowledge the interconnectedness of the natural world. Privileging one area of environmental management over another sometimes denies us the flexibility we need to find solutions that yield the largest net benefits. Clean water is important, but so are clean air and a wide range of other environmental priorities.

  • Water is a resource that cannot easily be replaced.

    Water is a natural resource that cannot easily be replaced and is in limited supply. Water is also the home for delicate eco-systems on which we rely. Additionally, water is essential to human survival. It is very important, therefore, to minimize water pollution as much as possible so that life, crops, and animals can continue to thrive on earth.

  • No, it is wrong to sacrifice the health of one ecosystem for another.

    No, it is never morally acceptable to increase water pollution in order to decrease pollution in other areas. The health of our water and the animals that live in it should not be sacrificed in order to better the health of another ecosystem. Instead, resources should be used to determine alternative ways to reduce pollution that would not disturb any ecosystem.

  • Water is our lifeline

    No, I would never believe that polluting the would be a decision even if it would sharply decrease other polluting processes. We should be working on ways to decrease pollution as a whole not shining it from one area to another. If we shift from one pollutant to another we will just have anotther problem to deal with in the end.

  • No I don't agree

    There should never be any more water pollution than we can bear. It is very bad for the environment and causes harm to many humans and other animals. There should be less water pollution and stricter laws and controls. If we could have clean water it could save many lives.

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