• Unless it's self-defense

    Honestly, this shouldn't even be a gendered issue. No individuals should ever have the right to hit anyone under any circumstances, unless it is for self-defense of self and property.

    But this also means that men should be able to defend themselves against women...However something tells me that the professionnal victims of academic feminism might have a problem with that.

  • Everyone has a right to hit each other right?

    Everyone has a right to hit anyone; be it gender, race , age or perhaps even intellectual capability etc. This is (in my case, which isn't very arguable admittedly) is sort of equality. Everyone deserves the same treatment and respect. Gender is not an exception...And I need more words so let me say mindless things. :P

  • So it's never ok for a woman to hit a man?

    The debate is about whether or not it's EVER ok for a woman to hit a man, not if the action itself is justified.

    I think it's necessary for a woman to hit a man at times. Like if she's defending herself or if she's simply disciplining a male child.

    Of course, no female should be running around outside with a baseball bat, that's not reasonable. But there are certain instances where she may have to resist a male predator. In which case, I believe its ok for a woman to hit a man in order to protect herself.

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with a woman hitting a man.

  • If it is your mother:

    While I am not a fan of spanking if a mother must hit her child for their safety as a real deterrent relating to classical conditioning in their young age, or slap their child for dramatic effect when they are far older just like in movies, then I approve of this.

  • NO it's never

    I always see whether it's ok for a man to hit a lady but what is it ok for a lady to hit a man? No I don't think so it shouldn't be something biased, just because most people imagine women to be fragile and vulnerable. The only reason when it's ok is when the lady is being attacked other than that I would disagree is for a lady to hit a man.

  • It's a simple matter of respect

    It's never ok for a woman to hit a man, or vise versa. It is a simple matter of respect. Don't hit and you won't be hit. If a person strikes another, it is completely justifiable to strike back. Some may say, "A woman can't do the damage a guy can, so it's ok" This is very flawed reasoning. From my perspective, that reasoning is exactly why a woman shouldn't hit a man. Because when he responds "in kind" she's most likely going to be on the losing end.

  • Unless it's for self defense it's not.

    Why is it ok for anyone to hit anyone unless it's to defend themselves or someone else from psychical harm by another person? It would be one thing is men could hit them back, but men can't hit women back without physical retaliation from her relatives or without being seen as cruel and psycho. Women believe they are equal to men, I believe they are as well, so women should be able to control their tempers just like men.

  • In the name of equality.

    It's either never ok for a woman to hit a man except in self defense (in which case the genders do not matter at all) or it is also ok for man to hit a woman for the same reasons it is ok for a woman to hit a man.

  • Generally, in normal social circumstances, NO.

    In normal circumstances no. Physically unprovoked violence of any sort between any two parties is not normally acceptable. However everyone has the right to self defence.
    What is disturbing is that female violence against males is often played for comedy in the media. This is unacceptable. If you say yes, such violence is o.K. (because the AVERAGE woman is less strong than the AVERAGE man), ask yourselves, would it be o.K. For an unprovoked female to physically attack and potentially injure your male children, as soon as they turn 18 ? One could equally ask is it ever o.K. For a woman to hit another woman. I suspect more would say no than to this question.

  • She should keep her hands to herself, unless it is self defense.

    Unless it is self defense (male or female). But, to hit a man because she feels like it is abuse and makes her an abuser. Women that abuse men do so because they know most men will not hit a woman back, due to penalties towards men and how they were taught not to hit women. No one has the right to hit you, unless self-defense. If a woman hits a man, I believe the man should have the right to hit her back or at least press charges against her. Abuse is wrong both ways. Their should be harder penalties on women who think its OK to abuse men.

    Posted by: Najs
  • No its not

    Now the only way its ok is if the man punches her first. But other than that no its not ok to hit anyone. Its not ok for a man to hit a women and its bad for a women to hit a man. Or a women hitting a women. And a man to hit a man. Its all bad

  • I feel as if this may be a little too broad

    Women may hit men in situations such as self-defense or if it is consented such as sparring in MMA. Though the same standard can be held for men, if an attacker happens to be a woman not being able to defend yourself isnt true

    Though women don't have a right to hit men randomly as it holds a gigantic double standard. If a man hits his wife he will be seen as cruel and an abusive creep, whilst if a woman hits a man it is seen as a joke or can be tossed off as the man automatically doing something to deserve the hit.

    There was a social experiment done where they had a couple recorded as one in the relationship acted violently towards the other and vice versa. The man being aggressive was pulled aside and the woman was cared for while the woman was allowed to keep hitting the man (in a more aggressive manor than the man had) and people just did as I stated before, thought "oh, maybe he was rude!"

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Dilara says2015-05-25T16:53:02.493
If there's a good reason for it. Otherwise no. It's not ok to hit anyone.
As a general rule men are stronger than women and thereof shouldn't ever hit one.
Vox_Veritas says2015-05-25T17:20:25.663
In the case of self-defense, anyone should be able to hit their attacker.
SamStevens says2015-05-25T17:24:41.360
If the women is defending herself, then yes, it is okay for a woman to hit a man. But if a woman hits a man out of anger, then she must be prepared to get hit back.