• It made me a more better person.

    Now when I was a child I thought my parents were jerks because they hit me when I did something stupid. But as I grew up I understood that my parents didn't wanted to do it, but needed to. Children are all different in every way. But they need to learn that the stupid things they do come with consequences. You can't just tell them that what they did is just wrong. But they must know that what comes with doing stupid things. Again, no parent enjoys hitting their children and never should in any way. As long as you're not going over the bounds and keep it in moderation. If you're hitting your children to the point were there are injuries or if you're trying to kill them. I learned that over the years in my life that my parents didn't enjoy hitting me but needed to. I now understand

  • Discipline is not Abuse

    Everything must be done in moderation and the best of judgment. Growing up in America over the years, a lot of children have transformed from obedient and respectful beings to obnoxious and disrespectful brats. I credit a lot of this transformation to laws that have attempted to intimidate parents and teachers from disciplining children. I am 40 years old and I wouldn't dare use the language that I hear some toddlers using with their parents. As long as a parent communicates with their children and explain why they are enforcing discipline, whether it be by spanking or prohibiting privileges, children will grow to understand how important following rules are and possibly be more productive citizens.

  • I'm a better person because of it

    I was taught good manners by my parents, but whenever I did something immoral (like hit my sister or take something that wasn't mine), my parents reinforced their teachings with a good beating. It wasn't really that bad. I can honestly say I'm a better person because of it.

    Also I have lived in two countries in my life. I have noticed that in the country where hitting children was the parent's business and it was normal, the children had more respect for others and there was very little misbehaving in school. But here in England, my classmates had no problem shouting back to our teachers, some even have fights with the teachers and attempt to hit them. Bullying here is also through the roof and people think it's normal to drink and smoke at a very young age. If the parents disciplined their children at an appropriate age (after 6 years old, when they actually understand the have done something wrong), it wouldn't be this bad.

    To the person who posted on NO: Once a child can talk and understand and have been taught proper manners, of course they know better! Children have been hit for thousands of years and until they stopped it recently, we have never seen this much level of disrespect amongst children/teenagers. I was hit as discipline (NEVER out of anger though) and I have never hurt other people. That is just an excuse for parents that are either too stupid or lazy to discipline.

  • Yes, Everyone Has a Right to Discipline Their Children as They See Fit

    How to discipline your children is a personal decision and if some people believe spanking (hitting) their children is an appropriate measure, then they should have every right to carry out that type of punishment. With that said, parents should not be allowed to BEAT and abuse their children. There is a fine line and parents should not set out to cause any real physical harm to their children with a spanking. I believe spanking (again, hitting) your children is more of a psychological punishment than a physical one. If a parent's hand hurts from giving their child a spanking then they're probably bordering on abuse.

  • Hitting doesn't teach children ANYTHING

    Psychologically when a child is beat for doing something wrong, then they don't know why they are being beat or why what they did was wrong, but just that they are being punished for something they did. This only gets them to be afraid of their parents. A better method of discipline would be to talk to your kids why what they did was wrong instead of just hitting them. Hitting is a form of abuse not only physically, but psychologically. The way your child is raised determines everything and if your child is raised in an abusive environment they will turn out neurotic, or insecure, etc. This also prevents establishing a good relationship with your kids. Children best learn from example and if they have a parent who hits them when they curse, but curse in front of their kids themselves, they will never stop cursing. They are imitators. So the best way that your child becomes a good person is by showing yourself as an example. If the parent is abusive, than the child almost always imitates their violent behavior physically or verbally

  • NO WAY

    Kids are innocent and most of them do not know any better than to anger you. You should not hit a child there are better ways to handle them and to show them that they are wrong. If you hit them that is all but showing them that it is ok to practice violence on others.

  • IT IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!! I have experience

    I was raised being spanked and that was very damaging to my life. I didn't have a very good relationship with my parents. I found myself crying to sleep every night and always had anger. My parents would spank when they were angry, so I found myself often thinking the only way to get anger out was to slam doors, punch things (not people), scream, kick, and hit things. The list could go on but I never felt like I had a nice home to come to. The problem was the spanking turned into beating up. It got a lot worse and I was fighting back and one day my mom went to smack me in the face and I got a broken nose. It is just one thing leads to another and soon your family is ruined. I never wanted to speak up and tell an adult so I just had anxiety and was depressed and was getting suicidal. My whole childhood I was thinking what if this is the last time I see this person because I thought I would commit suicide and those thoughts filled up my room for thinking and my dreams were all nightmares of my killing myself and it never ended. Please if you are a parent who spanks or uses physical punishments, please know your children aren't going to have a good relationship with you and things only go downhill and it doesn't work. Please use other punishments and go hug & kiss your child and tell them how much you love them.

  • No never ever

    Kids should not be hit it doesn't teach them stuff and promotes violence to get what they want. And we don't want them learning like that they could grow up and hit people cause they thought that is what you should do. And we don't want them learning that. Ok

  • Never ever okay to hit, smack, slap a children!

    Just no. Why would you hit your child? Even spanking is bad. It is a sexual thing and your child's spine bone can break if you spank them. Also slapping a child on the face is not okay. It is called "abuse" and your child's face can break. There are other ways that you can discipline your child. Violence isn't the answer, it is never the answer.

  • It is not okay for parents to hit their child

    Woah there! Okay first of all violence is never the answer. Respect has to be owned by both the child and parent. Yes, My parents still hit me and I'm 14 but I disagree with their methods. The adults need to understand the problem from the kid's point of view. Smacking the child will not resolve the problem. It will only cause a separation between child and parent. I speak from firsthand experience.

  • Ethically and Morally Wrong

    Neither side will ever agree on whether spanking has negative consequences--anecdotal evidence clouds opinions. Neither side will look at research the same way--anti-spanking parents see the mounds of research saying that spanking as wrong as pure proof, pro-spanking parents see it as biased, lumping all definitions of spanking into one category, skewing the data. Therefore, what it comes down to is the question, is this ethically and morally correct? That answer is no. Hitting an adult is illegal, even if he or she "deserves it." Pro-spankers claim that children are too young to have a rational discussion, but why does that mean it's okay to hit them? It's alright to hit someone because they legitimately do no understand what they are doing wrong or because one does not have the patience to explain it on his or her level? No, it is not. There are countries across the globe that have banned spanking, and none of them have collapsed into flames. Spanking is a quick solution, what everyone demands to be done as soon as they see a child acting up, but it's not a good one. If pro-spankers say they take the time to explain to their children why they were spanked, why couldn't they take the actual time to explain why that they had done was wrong in the first place?
    Legally, it's justified. Morally and ethically, it is not.
    Pro-spanker spend all their time saying that they can, never questioning whether they should.

  • Should never be a solution

    I've been through it myself and it's terrifying. I am the youngest of two and I was the only one who got punished like that and it's left lots of emotional damage as well as mental instability, like anxiety, depression, self mutilation, and self esteem issues. Yes I do fully understand why some parents do it so that their children learn values but that seems like way too much suffering just to make a better person. Like I said I'm the youngest of two and my older brother was never punished, never hit once and always the favorite. But I was often hit screamed at neglected and people now ( now that im older) describe me as humble unselfish alway willing to help and putting others before myself, but my brother has been described as a huge careless ass who thinks only for himself and doesn't care about the feelings of others. Some people can't believe we grew up in the same house. What people don't know is all the negative mental effects I has on me depression, borderline personality disorder, SH, low self worth, attachment disorder, and a lack of relationship with my parents.

  • It is Nevery Okay to Hit a Child

    No, it is never okay to hit a child. Violence is very rarely jusitified. The times it is justified is in the defense of oneself or another. It is never justified when it comes to striking a child. A child is incapable of defending himself/herself. On top of that, striking a child teaches a child that violence is okay.

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