• Of course it is!

    It is completely normal to lie, Its a way for us to cope with stressful situations and protect ourselves from possible harm. Lying is a fundamental part of human nature and if you said that you've never lied, You'd be lying! Besides what do you think all the politicians do?

  • True can be proven to be a lie so how you know it a lie

    In ancient times people believe in flat Earth did not believed Earth is at the central of the world it was also say by hitter If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, It will be believed so. How you know it a lie maybe some things we believe in may be false in the future

  • Yes Sometimes we do bad things for the right reasons

    It really depends on the situation.

    If you were a prophet of God, And God asked you to lie for him. . . .
    I would do it!

    If you had to lie to save your mom, I WOULD LIE

    Sometimes you have to lie, If it is for a really good reason

  • It is ok to lies to online.

    Because when I was playing game and research some information on blog in the internet. I think sometimes tell small lie about myself. White lies are necessary. When I use chatting room in the internet, I don't know who is writing me. For instance, I use nick name. I don't give my real name. Because, I don't know, Someone who honest honest she, Young or old, Etc. We need lies avoid hurting each other. Some people order to use our personality information in the internet. For example, I don't give my real name and surname others peoples they can be find my home address and cellphone number in the internet. It can be dangerous. This is not legal. In my opinion, There are many reasons tell lies, Sometimes it is ok lies online.

  • All people lie for to help yourself or to help other person.

    When a husband tell his wife "your dress is good", But really her dress is bad. The husband wan his wife feel good. When I was a boy I told my mother "i didn`t that". I told that for avoid a punishmrnt. When my friend not come to work. I lie to our boss because he can fire to my friend. We lie for avoid a trouble and to be okay with ourself or other person.

  • Depending on the situation

    I would say yes it’s ok to In certain situations. I can speak from experience in this situations. Two scanarios where it would be ok to lie would be in situations where you are sparring someone’s feelings or have someone’s best interest at heart. So yes I’d say lying is ok in certain situations.

    Posted by: Reli
  • It depends on the situation

    There are time in which you have to lie. For example, If you were asked to reveal a secret that could potentially harm a lot of people, You have to lie to protect them. If you were asked to promise a friend not to tell anyone something and she/he goes on to say that she/he is about to commit suicide, Then you obviously have to tell other people even if it means lying to your friend about keeping it a secret. These examples may be extreme, But how about the way parents tell their children about Santa Claus and the truth fairy to keep their hopes up. This does not mean that I am encouraging lying, I'm just saying that there are times that it can be considered 'right'

  • It is OK to lie because

    Have you ever been trying to hide a birthday present and your kids keep begging you to show them there present and you don't want them to see it before there birthday. Well in this case it would be OK to lie and say it was a big bottle of toothpaste😂

  • It is okay to lie in some situations.

    I think it's okay to lie to protect other people's feelings. For example, It's okay to tell someone that you are enjoying the meal they cooked for you even though it doesn't taste very good. It's also okay to exaggerate when you are telling a story. An exaggeration is a type of lie. However it is not okay to lie most of the time. Lying can get you in trouble and hurt other people. That's why it is only okay to lie sometimes.

  • I highly disagree on this one.

    First and foremost, When we say Okay, It means Good. Second, When we say Lie, It means not saying the truth or saying a false information. Now, Looking at these to definitions, It is evident that It was, Is, And will never be okay to lie. Now, Reply if you disagree with me and I'll open up your eyes.

  • It is not ever okay to lie

    Because lying is definitely wrong and bad in the eyes of our God is Jehovah please read the Psalm 5: 6 The Bible’s Viewpoint Lying—Is It Ever Justified?
    THIS comment illustrates how many people feel about lying. Their rationale is that lying is not wrong if it does not harm anyone. Such reasoning even has an academic name—situation ethics, Which says that the only law you need to follow is the so-called law of love. In other words, Explains author Diane Komp, “if your motivation is right and your heart is right (then the) fact that you lied. . . Is no big deal. ”
    Such a viewpoint is common in today’s world. Scandals involving lies told by prominent politicians and other world leaders have rocked society. Influenced by this climate, Many people have relaxed their commitment to telling the truth. In some domains lying has even become official policy. “I’m paid to lie. I win sales contests and get rave annual reviews if I lie. . . . This seems to be the core of retail sales training everywhere, ” complains one salesclerk. Many believe that there is no real harm in so-called little white lies. Is this true? Are there occasions when Christians may be justified in telling a lie?

  • I think is not good lie all the time.

    First the lie is painful and you can hurt the feeling the other people for example when you say everything is okay and is no true only that other people feel happy. In addition you need to have a trust in yourself and be responsible your own acts. For example: tell the true although it hurts not to blame others. Finally if you want a good relationship with other people you need be honest for example: be respectful, Have good communication. In my opinion is bad tell the lie, It's difficult but no impossible, We need be honest and try tell the true.

  • I think that is not okay to lie when something is true.

    Lying can hurt feeling and anyone will be your friend. If you not want hurt feeling and lose special relationship is better tell the true. You can lose the trust. After that, Anyone believe you. For that reason when someone trusts on you, But you lie and hurt their feeling you will lose that special person forever. You will be in a big trouble in your life. To tell the true can avoid that you will be in a bad situation and lose your reputation, And the true can avoid bad opinion about you. In my opinion, The best way to avoid a problem in the life is to tell the true at the right time and be a grown, Not as a child.

  • It is not OK ever to lie for different reasons.

    You can have a trouble with other people. After that child say a lie to their parents, He can being punishment. You can hurt a relationship. You can lose a good friend, When you say to lie. You will have a bad reputation. When you to say ever to lie the people will have a bad opinion of you. For this reasons, It is not OK ever say to lie.

  • Lie is a problem to have a society in grown way.

    The lie is a habit that family everytimes to presents like a bad practice in your life day. Becuase day to day it's lose to respect between people propositing always a total deshonest. This is a bad trouble doing to be that independence person with nerver tolerant. The propose try of silence and keep other grown relation of responsability in a social group. Also, Lie define the deshonest as a negative funtion when it's need to help a person or yourself. For to avoid a horror lie that don't never help is better to take a decision that can change a life social. In my opinion, It's a problem that everyone has to take concience to no be worse.

  • Lying is bad.

    Is ok to lie. But I think is bad. Because when they get you lying, You wil have a bad reputation and you can lose trust with others. After, You wil have serious problems with they. I think we need to be honest thought it hurts. Because it is better to be honest than lie.

  • It is not okay to lie.

    It is wrong to lie because, Sometimes, The lie is not good and also if, For all the things we do or say, Are lies, They would think that everything we have around us is also and we hurt other people by making them believe something It is not true that we hurt people without giving us an account just by not telling them the truth.

  • It is wrong

    There are rarely situations when lies are needful. Sometimes we can be asked questions that can harm others. What we do then is say nothing. Even jesus was asked questions and was silent because he knew that the truth would hurt others in a way and that lying would be wrong entirely.

  • My opinion is no

    Why? Because you can go to jail! Jail is the worst place for a kid. . . I would lie about anything but not for jail. . . . . I would lie for homework dishes the lawn anything. . . . Except stealing. . . . The police is going to find you! They like GPS they will find you in a snap! . Trust me going to jail. . . . . Pffft. . . . . . Worst thing ever. . . . I have been to jail once. . . In a vr game. The treat people badly really badly. .

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