• Sometimes it is

    There are times in which you ought to lie. For example, If you were asked to reveal a secret that could potentially harm a lot of people, You have to lie to protect them. If you were asked to promise a friend not to tell anyone something and she/he goes on to say that she/he is about to commit suicide, Then you obviously have to tell other people even if it means lying to your friend about keeping it a secret. These examples may be extreme, But how about the way parents tell their children about Santa Claus and the truth fairy to keep their hopes up. This does not mean that I am encouraging lying, I'm just saying that there are times that it can be considered 'right'

  • It is okay to lie in some situations.

    I think it's okay to lie to protect other people's feelings. For example, It's okay to tell someone that you are enjoying the meal they cooked for you even though it doesn't taste very good. It's also okay to exaggerate when you are telling a story. An exaggeration is a type of lie. However it is not okay to lie most of the time. Lying can get you in trouble and hurt other people. That's why it is only okay to lie sometimes.

  • Opt for Truth

    The exact statement is that it is "Okay" to lie. It's never okay to lie. Now I'm sure someone will rebut talking about white lies or lies where there is no significant consequence such as telling a kid the Easter Bunny is real. Just because a lie has no immediate damages to one's relationship with you, Or their pscyhe, Or even their legal standing does not justify a lie. We can tell ourselves lying is okay. I stand by the belief that it's not. Only that there are lies that are not overtly damaging.

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